April 27, 2015 at 12:01 am

Get help with research

Researching The Detroit News

The Detroit News Library and Reference Department are not open to the public. However, the staff will do some research of Detroit News stories for the public for a fee.

Some details (name, approximate date, subject matter, what happened, etc.) are required before any search can be done. There is no index of death notices, which are paid notices. Obituaries that appear in the news pages may be indexed. There is no index of ads that appear in The Detroit News. Not all ad supplements are on microfilm.

There is a minimum charge of $25 for searching for a single story or photograph. Extensive searching is $100 per hour, plus the copies at a per-page rate. The exact date is needed for microfilm searches. Request for microfilm searches must be made in writing with the $25 minimum payment enclosed.

For help, contact Danielle Kaltz, Digital Asset Manager, at dkaltz@detroitnews.com or 313 222-2090.

The Detroit News does not supply lottery information over the telephone.

Research help from public libraries

The Detroit Main Public Library, 5201 Woodward, Detroit, MI 48202, has The Detroit News on microfilm from 1873 to the present. Prints can be made if the date and page are given. A book index of The Detroit News is also available from 1976 to the present. Call (313) 833-1000 for hours and fees.

Suburban Detroit public libraries and colleges also have The Detroit News on microfilm. They also may have an index of topics and a printer. Call them to see how far back their microfilm goes, if they have the index and their hours and fees.

Other cities in Michigan also may have The News on microfilm, as do some out-of-state libraries. The list of libraries that have The Detroit News on microfilm can be checked by calling your local library.

Computer database searches

Most public libraries also may offer computer database searches. Detroit News issues from 2000 to the present are available on Lexis/Nexis. The Detroit News is also available on NewsBank and Proquest database services, which are available at most public libraries.

Many public libraries subscribe to genealogy databases for research on family history, including death notices and obituaries.

Information by phone

Some libraries also offer an information service by phone. The Detroit Main Public Library offers TIP services (The Information Place) at (313) 833-4000.

Detroit history and genealogical research

The Detroit Public Library Burton Collection at the Main branch, 5201 Woodward, Detroit MI 48202, specializes in Detroit history and genealogical research. Call (313) 833-1480 for more information.