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In Today's Detroit News: Tue, July 22, 2014

25% of U.S. recall notices not heeded

One of every four cars recalled in the U.S. isn’t fixed, leaving millions of potentially dangerous vehicles on the road.  Read it in the e-edition

Local Muslims seek peace amid Iraq conflict

Imams meet to reaffirm a unity pact in Metro Detroit.  Read more

Robert Pattinson gets down and dirty in ‘The Rover’

His name is Rey and he does not look, talk or act like anybody’s idea of a teen heartthrob.  Read more

Ausmus keeps his cool amid tough stretch

Wojonowski: Ausmus needed a break in the storm clouds.  Read more

Police, fire board pushes yes vote

The city’s Police and Fire Retirement System voted Thursday to endorseDetroit’s debt-cutting plan.  Read more