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In Today's Detroit News: Sun, February 1, 2015

Michigan bill would OK borrowing against car

Auto-title company is backing legislation that would add a loophole allowing pawnbrokers to charge a 20 percent monthly “usage fee” and let consumers borrow against their cars while driving them.  Read it in the e-edition

Plan would make Vernor area pop

Project gets backers in a bid to develop retail and community gathering space on a seven-acre former Detroit Public Works site.  Read more

UAW wins VW access in Tenn.

An audit showed the union has the support of at least 45 percent of the workers at the automaker’s Chattanooga assembly plant.  Read more

Players praise Brady Hoke

Michigan seniors greet former football coach with standing ovation at the annual football bust and thank him for his efforts with the program.  Read more

Henry Ford exhibit shows towering ambition

Donna’s Detroit: LEGO architect Jim Garrett’s skyscraper replicas build up Detroit.  Read more