February 26, 2014 at 7:41 am

Ex-Grand Rapids mayor proposes scanner for guns at City Hall

Grand Rapids — Ex-Grand Rapids Mayor John Logie says the city should put in a scanner at City Commission chambers to identify visitors carrying firearms.

The Grand Rapids Press reports Logie spoke Tuesday at the City Hall meeting that also was attended by open-carry gun advocates who plan a Sunday march down the Grand Rapids street where police last year detained a man carrying a gun.

Logie says a scanner would be a “stopgap for commissioners to get on safer ground.” He says there should be a state law banning guns from City Commission chambers.

Open-carry advocates promote the legal right in Michigan to carry a licensed weapon in the open. Tom Lambert, assistant legislative director for Michigan Open Carry, says Grand Rapids should update an unenforced 1960s-era ordinance prohibiting the practice.