February 27, 2014 at 1:00 am


News readers versus the EAA

Don't blame schools

Re: Steven Cook’s Feb. 26 Labor Voices column, “EAA has failed Michigan kids”: Until we change the culture of education in Detroit, students will continue to underperform. There are too many parents in Detroit who don’t stress the importance of education to their children as it relates to quality of life. Too many students are undisciplined and have poor attitudes and lack academic and social skills. Many students are disruptive and violent and act out their aggression on teachers and administrators. The environment in our schools is rife with violence and disrespect for authority. Until we are serious about addressing the things that make our schools dysfunctional, our children will always lag behind socially, academically, financially and educationally.

DeWitt Green, Detroit

Don't blame families

The culture of education in Detroit is just fine, as charter school enrollment and attendance proves. Blaming parents is the current go-to tactic to avoid putting the responsibility for a lousy education system where it belongs, on school districts.

What’s not fine is the rotting hulk of a public school district, the DPS, which long ago gave up even the pretense of trying to run good schools. The few good schools under DPS administration exist not because of the DPS but because of tough, smart principals who know they have no friends at the DPS and act accordingly.

When parents get to choose schools they inevitably choose schools that are safe and do a good job of educating their children. That should come as a shock only to people who are anxious to shield the current education system from the consequences of its poor performance. It won’t raise an eyebrow among anyone else.

Allen Majorovic, Detroit

Failed experiment

Re: EAA chancellor John Covington’s Feb. 25 letter, “Mich. kids need choices”: Simply put, EAA is a failed experiment. Enough of our students have been hurt; shut it down. Let’s make sure we have a good, solid, effective school in every neighborhood. This nonsense of firing all the teachers and starting over from scratch is damaging our students. Covington, Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican Legislature should all be ashamed of themselves for putting politics over kids.

Mary Valentine, Muskegon

Educational malpractice

Gov. Rick Snyder and state Superintendent Mike Flanagan put this incompetent John Covington in charge of taking over public schools, knowing he had taken Kansas City schools into the realm of decertification. If that is not educational malpractice and incompetence, please tell me what is? This group is not qualified in any way shape or form to head our educational future.

Catherine Malick Ploughman, Detroit

Pull the plug

In the face of the facts, John Covington states that “the EAA model is working.” If that is true, this is a frightening plan to destroy the potential of thousands of children while cheating Detroit Public Schools out of its resources, students and buildings, and taxpayers out of our bond money. Covington and his collaborators should not only give up the Education Achievement Authority schools, but confess to their crimes against Detroit children.

Elena Herrada, Detroit Board of Education