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In Today's Detroit News: Sun, April 19, 2015

Michigan lobbies for $3 billion missile project

Lawmakers are united in the effort to land a federal defense project in Battle Creek, which could bring hundreds of jobs.  Read it in the e-edition

Homeland Security funding gets one-week extension

After a three-week measure failed, Congress gets another week to debate the money needed to run operations.  Read more

Earl Lloyd: A pioneer who paved the way for black athletes

Terry Foster: NBA legend and former Piston made sure others could follow him into positions of prominence.  Read more

Fur no match for frigid cold this winter

Volunteers and advocacy groups are working to keep dogs forced to stay outside safe from the elements.  Read more

University of Michigan bans fraternity for four years

Sorority faces suspension after $125,000 in damage at Michigan ski resorts.  Read more