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In Today's Detroit News: Sun, April 19, 2015

Big wheel on I-94 keeps heads turning

The giant Uniroyal tire along the highway in Allen Park is turning 50 next month.  Read it in the e-edition

Harbaugh mania at Michigan

The football coach has become the universityís most effective marketing tool.  Read more

Ignition switch depositions to start soon

Former and current top ranking GM executives and Delphi Automotive employees will be deposed in the ignition switch defect linked to 67 deaths.  Read more

City firms face water shut-offs

The Detroit water department plans to step up enforcement of overdue business accounts to collect tens of millions in lost revenue.  Read more

U.S., Canada strike deal to speed border checks

The deal allows law enforcement agents into each otherís countries to conduct customs, immigration and agricultural inspections inside the border.  Read more