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In Today's Detroit News: Fri, March 27, 2015

Train-car crashes rise in Mich.

The number of train-vehicle crashes has spiked and the blame is being put on driver error, including distracted driving.  Read it in the e-edition

Valentine a gunslinger at heart

Bob Wojnowski says Denzel Valentine leads Michigan State’s basketball team in “No! No! No! Yes!” plays.  Read more

Detroit-made horror flick unnerving

Tom Long says “It Follows” will probably seem even creepier for Metro Detroiters because it looks like it’s happening right down the street.  Read more

GM CEO to be questioned in lawsuits

Mary Barra is among the GM executives who will be deposed by lawyers suing the automaker over its delayed recall of 2.59 million cars.  Read more

Home renovation, television style

A look at a couple’s journey on ‘American Rehab: Detroit’  Read more