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In Today's Detroit News: Sun, May 24, 2015

East Asian influx is slowly changing East Lansing

Chinese student numbers are up tenfold at Michigan State, where businesses, services and programs are evolving to help them feel at home.  Read it in the e-edition

Playoffs within reach for Red Wings

A rally in the third leads Detroit over the Hurricanes. Plus, Wojo: Red Wings win, but they arenít exactly charging into the playoffs.  Read more

Ships await rescue for days in Lake Superior ice

Two American vessels and a Canadian cutter are working to free 15 ships stuck in clogged waters.  Read more

Detroitís rape kit testing sets example

Understaffing and poor police attitudes toward victims contributed to a backlog of untested evidence, a report says, but the cityís success rate in clearing the old cases gives other cities a map to follow.  Read more

Strategist for Gov. Snyder joins Rand Paulís camp

The senator announces heís running for president, and part of the team helping him will be west Michigan GOP strategist John Yob.  Read more