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In Today's Detroit News: Thu, May 28, 2015

Governor to pitch state's revival nationally

Economic road show may drive Rick Snyder’s presidential bid, Republicans say.  Read it in the e-edition

9-1 Tigers rolling like it’s 1984

Detroit fights through some wasted opportunities to a walk-off win that gives the team its best record in decades.  Read more

Corraling Detroit’s pot shops

Groups and city officials seek to regulate the proliferating dispensaries.  Read more

Luke Glendenning making a home with the Red Wings

Niyo: After a starring role in the playoff opener, the player has the coach’s trust. Plus, for more on today’s game, go to  Read more

Cop in Aiyana Stanley-Jones shooting reinstated

After five years of trials and waiting for a resolution to his case, Officer Joseph Weekley won’t be working in the field when he returns to duty.  Read more