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In Today's Detroit News: Tue, June 2, 2015

'Sin taxes' spark debate on fairness

Smokers and drinkers paid more taxes last year than Michigan companies paid in net business income taxes.  Read it in the e-edition

Spending power across border grows

The strong dollar gives Metro Detroiters a 20 percent discount on anything they buy in Windsor.  Read more

Martinez expected to DH today

The Tigers rule out a stint on the disabled list; four days off might be the tonic the veteran hitter needed.  Read more

Gen-6 Camaro carves up Belle Isle

By Turn 2 at Belle Isle, Henry Payne says he knew the 2016 Camaro was a different animal.  Read more

Budget mastery lets mom stay home

Rosemarie Groner shares her tips at her blog (, which also provides some more income.  Read more