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In Today's Detroit News: Sat, July 4, 2015

Food growing part of state economy

Daniel Howes: As Mackinac conference gets ready to kick off, officials laud industry accounting for 1-in-4 Michigan jobs.  Read it in the e-edition

Missing a milestone

Al Kaline’s final game decades ago with the Detroit Tigers was short of history, long on regret.  Read more

More for roads, less for films

A state budget proposal boosts highway repairs by $260M and cuts movie incentives to $6M.  Read more

Help celebrate Michigan

The Detroit News launches its 2015 photo contest seeking entries that show something wonderful in Michigan.  Read more

Neighborhood helps boy with tumor

A mass garage sale aims to boost a family foundation that raises funds to fight DIPG, a condition which has left their 4-year-old son and hundreds of other kids with inoperable brain tumors.  Read more