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In Today's Detroit News: Mon, August 3, 2015

'Yes, I did kill her': Mother in freezer case lashes out

Mitchelle Blair appeared to admit role in the deaths of a daughter and a son during a hearing over custody of two surviving children.  Read it in the e-edition

Jig may be up for ‘The Great Imposter’

A self-confessed con artist, known as The Chameleon, faces a 20-year sentence in the ID theft of a U.S. contractor.  Read more

Tigers familiar with that sinking feeling

Detroit tumbles to its seventh straight loss in 7-5 defeat from Oakland. Plus, the front-office chief isn’t blaming Brad Ausmus or team injuries.  Read more

Builder’s idea for app wins national award

Lake Orion contractor updates clients on the progress of their projects through technology.  Read more

On Screen: Melissa McCarthy is big, bold, smart and funny

Long: New film ‘Spy’ is a perfect vehicle for the comedian.  Read more