June 6, 2014 at 1:53 pm

Video: Tigers outfield prospect Ben Verlander, Justin's younger brother, plays weatherman for a day

Tigers prospect Ben Verlander played weatherman for a Grand Rapids TV station this week. (WZZM)

If the whole baseball thing doesn’t work out, Ben Verlander has options.

But we’re not seeing being a weatherman is one of them.

Verlander, the Tigers Single-A outfield prospect and younger brother of Tigers pitcher Justin Verlander, visited Grand Rapids’ ABC affiliate WZZM on Tuesday and took his turn in front of the green screen.

“The green is just your average rain, yellow gets a little harder,” Verlander said, standing in front of a map with a moving weather pattern.

“Once you get in that red, you’re not going to play that day.”

Verlander, who plays for the West Michigan Whitecaps near Grand Rapids, said he’s always monitoring weather, deadpanning, “I sense what’s going to happen.” (Justin Verlander is a big fan of weather watching, too.)

Verlander, 22, got the on-air tutorial from WZZM meteorologist Aaron Ofseyer.

Of course, at the end of the segment, Ofseyer couldn’t resist asking if Verlander could set up a meeting with supermodel Kate Upton, who’s been rumored to be Justin Verlander’s on-and-off-again girlfriend.

“No,” Verlander said with a stone-cold straight face. “Nope.”

Here’s the entire segment:

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