June 11, 2014 at 1:00 am


Letters: Snyder for 2016 presidential race?

A problem solver

Re: Nolan Finley’s June 8 column, “Why not Snyder in 2016?”: I favor any candidate with minimal political history and a track record of taking on his own party as often as that of the opposition. Rick Snyder satisfies both criteria. No candidate is perfect. But this guy has jumped right into problems so complex that no governor in my lifetime has had the guts to address head-on. Detroit’s finances, simplifying the tax code, eliminating obsolete laws, pressing the electorate and lawmakers on the issue of improved road funding, wheeling and dealing to make the new bridge a reality.

Find me someone who insists this man’s performance as governor is anywhere south of 85 percent and I’ll show you a person completely eaten up with partisanship.

Leighton George Jr., Olive Branch, Miss.

A politician like any other

Gov. Rick Snyder is just basically John Engler on steroids. The first clue was his budget. Now, it’s one thing to give businesses a $1.7 billion tax cut when Michigan was facing a considerable budget hole. It’s another thing entirely to replace the lost revenue with eliminating the income tax exemption on pensions and chopping away at the Earned Income Tax Credit and a 15 percent cut to public universities. Snyder’s reign has been laser-focused on one goal, lowering the tax burden for the wealthy.

Phil Flynn, Wayne

A different ballgame

It would be an interesting thing to see if Snyder were president how the American economy would look with no “consumer” class. How our personal fortunes would look with an even faster increase in the wealth gap, how the bottom 60 percent would be taxed as heavily as possible to fund a “better climate for business,” which would still not hire. I wonder how a President Snyder would deal with veterans homelessness, child hunger, education, welfare reform, federal pensions, foreign relation with dictators, climate issues, and so on.

Mark Durfee, Detroit