June 16, 2014 at 11:15 am

Browns QB Johnny Manziel has so much money he ... can't hear?

In this high-quality screencap, Johnny Manziel points to a giant bundle of cash he's holding up to his ear, because nobody would notice it otherwise. (instagram.com/jtgolfer99)

Donít like Johnny Footballís partying ways? Too bad; he canít hear you. At least when heís holding a giant stack of cash up to his ear.

Thatís the story of the latest video making the rounds on Instagram. It shows Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel, possibly at a celeb-filled pool party in Houston, holding up the cash to his ear and saying, ďI canít hear you, thereís too much money in my (expletive) hand.Ē

Manziel then shows off the improv skills that make him such a threat on the field, taking the wad of cash and dialing it like itís a phone.

Hereís a link to the Instagram, with the aforementioned strong language.

Itís uncertain how Manzielís hearing problem will affect his NFL career.