June 24, 2014 at 10:18 am

Daniel Alfredsson shows interest in returning to Red Wings

Daniel Alfredsson had 18 goals and 31 assists in 68 games last season. (David Guralnick / Detroit News)

Detroit Daniel Alfredsson sounds like he wants to play more hockey for the Red Wings.

Alfredsson, 41, who had 18 goals and 31 assists in 68 games last season, was troubled with a sore lower back at times through the season. But he evidently does want to return and play another season in the NHL.

"I talked to him; we're gonna talk again before Monday," general manager Ken Holland said. "Basically his message to me was he feels good. He's not 100 percent. He'd like to feel a little bit better but he feels good.

"He's not ready to make a decision right now that he's gonna retire. He wanted (to) just kind of pass that news on to me and get my thoughts."

The Red Wings would be interested in Alfredsson returning to them but only if he fits into their salary structure and depending on what occurs this weekend at the NHL draft in Philadelphia.

"I said, 'Let's take a few days,' and I'm gonna explore the phone lines Wednesday and Thursday and see what's in Philadelphia (at the draft) and then he and I will touch base," Holland said.