July 6, 2014 at 11:15 pm

Tigers have Fourth of July barbecue, albeit a little early

Some of the Tigers got together for a barbecue at Anibal Sanchez's Metro Detroit home. (Torii Hunter's Instagram)

Detroit — How was your holiday barbecue?

The Tigers, albeit a few days early, sure enjoyed theirs.

“Aww, we had a good time,” Torii Hunter said. “It was pretty cool. Lots of food, good music. We were laughing and cracking jokes.”

Thanks to Hunter, the Tigers veteran right fielder and social-media extraordinaire, Tigers fans got a glimpse at what the ballplayers do on their down time. He posted a group shot on Instagram.

Last Wednesday night, after the afternoon victory over the A’s, the Tigers all gathered at Anibal Sanchez’s Metro Detroit home for a pre-holiday-weekend cookout.

OK, so none of the Tigers actually cooked. They had a chef for that. But the party was most like what we all do on holiday weekends like this last one.

“That’s what we do,” Hunter said. “We can do the same thing as everybody else. We have fun.”

The Tigers just don’t get to do that much during the season, not with the grind of a 162-game season.

But with a Wednesday day game, followed by a Thursday night game, the timing was perfect.

So Sanchez spread the word, and a whole host of Tigers showed up – some with their wives and children in tow – and enjoyed some fine grub, and some, it appears, indulged in some Coronas and Cuban cigars. The confirmed appearances, thanks to Hunter’s Instagram photo: Sanchez, Hunter, Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez, Bryan Holaday, Joba Chamberlain, Max Scherzer, joe Nathan, Alex Avila, Justin Verlander, J.D. Martinez, Omar Vizquel and Rajai Davis.

“We just kind of relaxed and chilled,” said Hunter, who said this is the second team get-together this season – of an expected three or four. “It’s pretty awesome, man.

“You can’t beat that. That’s how you build team chemistry.”