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In Today's Detroit News: Tue, September 2, 2014

Detroit plans $7 billion debt cut in Chapter 9

Report says the city’s adviser and his firm would reap a $28 million fee if the city emerges from bankruptcy.  Read it in the e-edition

Downtown revival puts Diamond in rough place

From music producer Jim Diamond’s studio emerged the first two White Stripes albums, and a popular sound was discovered. Now, he might be forced to leave Detroit for the suburbs because of high rent.  Read more

TRW receives buyout offer

The bid for the Livonia-based auto supplier suggests further consolidation in the sector is on the horizon.  Read more

All-Star push wows Rick Porcello

Tigers pitcher falls short in the final vote for the team, despite an outpouring of social media support from fans.  Read more

On Screen: Apes unleashed

Long: Optimistic truce between primates fails in the visually astounding ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.’  Read more