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In Today's Detroit News: Fri, July 25, 2014

Arson speeds block's decline

On Garland, like so many streets in the city, there are too many empty homes and too many people seeking revenge through fire.  Read it in the e-edition

Car safety coverups targeted

Two senators will introduce legislation that would make it a crime for an auto executive to conceal a defect that could pose a risk of death or serious physical injury.  Read more

Great mates

Miguel Cabrera and Angels center fielder Mike Trout, who have competed for the American League’s MVP the last two seasons, bond over their success.  Read more

Reputed mafia boss linked to Hoffa probe dies

Giacomo “Black Jack” Tocco, a key figure in the investigation into the disappearance of Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa in 1975, died Monday at age 87.  Read more

Travel — There are apps for that

If travelers are flexible, apps can offer ease with last-minute deals, especially good for day trips and overnight stays.  Read more