July 23, 2014 at 4:59 pm

Movie set may be going up in Detroit's Corktown

Clarence Tabb Jr / The Detroit News)

Detroit— In front of the towering vacant black building on the eastern edge of Corktown there’s now a huge fake ruin — big pieces of destroyed buildings that spill onto Sixth near Most Holy Trinity Church.

No one is saying what it is but most believe its Detroit’s latest massive movie set, a sight that is becoming more rare ever since Gov. Rick Snyder began to cap state film incentives in 2012.

Something big and apocalyptic is emerging on Sixth Street between Howard and Porter streets. It’s closed off various streets. Work crews are constructing various piles of what looks like concrete chunks of building. There is a two-story heap in front of 1200 Sixth, the empty black 22-story building that can been seen from the Lodge. Across the street in a parking lot there’s more on a flat-bed of a semitrailer, and also a three-story high thing being built out of railroad containers.

Websites like Dark Knight News and Comicbookmovies.com are convinced it’s production for the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” In the past, a spokesman for the film wouldn’t confirm anything, which is standard practice for films-in-progress. No one could be reached Wednesday afternoon at the state of Michigan’s Film Office.

The Batman/Superman epic is one of three films in production right now in the state, according to state film office’s website. The other is called “Moontrap: Target Earth,” which is about a 14,000-year-old spacecraft discovered at an excavation site. That seems a possibility for the Corktown set.

The other film currently in production is “Crash Course,” a documentary about the fall and rise of the U.S. auto industry. Unless it’s going to be a wildly creative telling of that business saga, the fake Corktown wreckage seems an unlikely match.

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Crew build a building a set Sixth and Howard in front of the former State ... (Clarence Tabb Jr / The Detroit News)