July 24, 2014 at 9:46 am

University of Michigan bike thefts soar in July

Ann Arbor Police are investigating a recent increase of bicycle thefts on the University of Michigans campus.

A university spokeswoman tells The Ann Arbor News reports of stolen bikes were low for the first half of the year, and then took a turn in July.

From Jan. 1 to June 30, there were 30 reports of bikes being stolen on the Ann Arbor campus. Since the beginning of July, 25 additional bikes have been stolen.

The university says something is awry and its determined to find out why this is happening.

An Ann Arbor police officer says the department hasnt noticed a noticeable uptick of bicycle theft reports across the city. He says one or two reports are typical per day.

Police say they will continue to investigate.