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In Today's Detroit News: Wed, September 17, 2014

JV sharp in win

David Price arrives today; Justin Verlander might have re-arrived Friday night in the Tigers 4-2 triumph over the Colorado Rockies.  Read it in the e-edition

Dog owners’ lawyer says couple ‘overcharged’

A Metamora couple whose dogs chased down and killed a jogger were charged Friday, but their attorney says they shouldn’t be the only ones blamed.  Read more

Practice quite a kick

An estimated 7,000 soccer fans watched Real Madrid and Manchester United practice Friday in advance of today’s Guinness International Champions Cup.  Read more

Armada teen mourned; nearby lake scoured

Police dredged a private lake in connection with the killing of a teen Friday after the community said its final goodbye at her funeral.  Read more

Metro woman’s ice-pop dream catches fire

Hildie Haviland started making her own ice pops for dietary reasons and now Mootown Creamery Market is offering them as a regular menu item.  Read more