August 5, 2014 at 1:00 am

Stand for Michigan in D.C.

The field for Michiganís fall congressional races shaped up well Tuesday night, with expected newcomers leading the pack. Among them, John Moolenaar in the 4th District, Mike Bishop in the 8th District, David Trott in the 11th district, Debbie Dingell in the 12th District and Brenda Lawrence in the 14th, among others. Congratulations to the winners.

Ultimately, some of these candidates will join a Michigan delegation to Congress whose clout is greatly diminished due to the retirements of Sen. Carl Levin, Rep. Dave Camp, Rep. John Dingell, and Rep. Mike Rogers.

While the regime change poses its own challenges for these would-be freshmen members of Congress, this is an opportunity for a new class of leaders to distinguish themselves by advocating for policies that stimulate economic growth and limit the federal governmentís reach.

As would-be representatives of our state to an increasingly complex Washington, these are the issues we hope theyíll debate during the fall campaign. Whoever prevails in the fall elections must stand up for Michiganís bread-and-butter automobile industry. Michigan is losing strong industry advocates, in Camp and Dearborn Democrat John Dingell, at a time the industry needs support.

Washington has never been friendly to the Detroit auto industry.

Michiganís delegation must continue to advocate sensible auto regulations that balance the needs of safety and the environment with Michiganís economic realities.

It also must advocate for pro-growth policies across the board.

The tepid economic recovery nationwide is slowing Michiganís opportunity for recovery.

Congress needs strong, pragmatic leaders. Michigan voters should look carefully among Tuesday nightís primary winners for just such candidates.