August 11, 2014 at 7:21 pm

Police: Detroit boy, 10, shoots father after parents get into fight

Detroit Investigators believe a 10-year-old boy may have panicked while watching his father pummel his mother, so the youth grabbed a gun and squeezed the trigger.

Police were called at 3:30 a.m. Monday to a house in the 2900 block of Buena Vista, where the boy fired one shot from a 9 millimeter handgun at his 33-year-old father, who was involved in an alleged domestic assault with the childs mother, 36, according to Detroit Police Officer Jennifer Moreno.

The father was taken to a local hospital. He was listed in critical condition Monday.

The boy was questioned, but later released to a family member, pending further investigation. He will be brought in later for a second interview, Detroit Police Sgt. Michael Woody said.

The initial investigation suggests the boy was frightened seeing his father beating his mother, Woody said.

Seeing something like that is enough to scare a 10-year-old kid, Woody said. ... hes still pretty young, and his assessment level of situations isnt the same as an older person.

Woody said there had been no previous calls for domestic violence trouble at the house.