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  1. Joe Dumars ran out of winning moves and, finally, out of time

    There's no easy way for it to end, but the truth is, it had been ending for a while. For most of his nearly 30 years with the Pistons, Joe Dumars was basketball royalty, connecting eras and championships.

  2. Bullpen again looks like trouble spot on solid Tigers roster

    One week into the season, we’ve learned two things we already knew, if that’s possible. The Tigers’ starting pitching looks as good as expected, as good as anybody’s. And the bullpen looks as troubling as expected, as troubling as normal. The Tigers are 4-1 as they head West, so it certainly doesn’t make sense to get antsy the first week in April.

  3. Bob Wojnowski: Young Red Wings thrive on playoff push

    The more they play, the better they get. The better they get, the closer they get. And the closer the Red Wings get to the playoffs, the more you see what's possible.

  4. Staring at mega millions, Tigers' Scherzer picks right up where he left off

    Scherzer got another batch of guys out Wednesday, just as he did while winning the Cy Young last season.

  5. Shattered dreams as U-M, MSU eliminated

    Look again and you see teary eyes and shattered hopes, and hear heavy words in muffled tones. On an amazingly tense Sunday, Michigan and Michigan State ran out of moments and out of time.

  6. Midseason critics steeled Michigan State for postseason run

    The Spartans have been overwhelming Final Four favorites since the Tournament brackets were set, yet remain driven by the slights and the slams. It's the sign of a Tom Izzo team eyeing a long run — don't ever forget where you were.

  7. Michigan State's passionate Branden Dawson punishes Virginia

    When it comes to knock-down, drag-out basketball, Michigan State still can knock it down and drag it out with the best. This was a beautifully grimy game, the kind the Spartans expected, the kind they know they'll have to win in this Tournament.

  8. 'Diverseness' is the key to NCAA Tournament success

    There's no perfect formula, or everyone would do it. The NCAA Tournament is about, in no particular order: Matchups and seniors and luck and defense and freshmen and 3-point shooting and cheerleaders and officiating and games that end well past midnight.

  9. For Michigan State to move on, Keith Appling must prove reliable as a shooter

    He's giving what he has, which is more than he had a few weeks ago. But as the foes grow and the road turns, Keith Appling will have to give even more.

  10. The time for Michigan's and Michigan State's talent could be fleeting

    If they get a moment, between practices and interviews and travel and meetings, they should relish this run. Contrary to expectations, it doesn't happen every year, and for some it'll never happen again.

  11. Behind John Beilein, Michigan shows it has right formula for NCAA run

    The deeper the Wolverines go, the more dangerous they get. That's true of many still alive in the NCAA Tournament but it's increasingly true of Michigan, with its unique style, unique coach and uniquely talented shooters.

  12. Michigan adjusts, and Texas bites the dust

    When they're on, the Wolverines can hit from anywhere. But that's not what makes them a dangerous Sweet 16 team again. It's that they can hit from so many directions, in so many ways.

  13. Michigan must find a way to deal with size of Texas

    Some obstacles are bigger than others, and naturally, Texas is big. Not obnoxiously Texas-sized big, but definitely big. The Longhorns are big enough to present problems, especially if you need to go through them, or around them.

  14. Michigan's 'D' takes charge in easy victory over Wofford

    If the Wolverines are deadly serious about launching another run, they need to understand there aren't any more Woffords walking on that floor, and everything has to ratchet quickly now.

  15. Michigan's 'outliers' are passing the torch

    Stars must shine, that's a given. But a year ago at this time, Spike Albrecht was a skinny freshman with an enthusiastic bounce who looked like he wandered ...

  16. Michigan State is now trendy pick but Michigan still dangerous

    Right or wrong, Michigan and Michigan State essentially switched positions on the national-perception scale after the Spartans' 69-55 rout in the Big Ten ...

  17. Undeterred, Michigan focuses on the critical road ahead

    This was a bit of a reality check for Michigan, to lose to its rival and then lose a shot at a No. 1 seed. Big things suddenly are possible for the Spartans, ...

  18. Lions seize Golden opportunity in adding Tate; defense is next step

    The Lions seemingly endless pursuit of wide-receiver help struck Golden, which is slightly different than gold. They landed Tate for a reasonable $31 million ...

  19. For 50 years, Lions owner William Clay Ford kept the faith

    For William Clay Ford to keep trying, year after year, tribulation after tribulation, it took deep doses of an admirable trait, a trait rare in sports. Some ...

  20. On eve of Nicklas Lidstrom ceremony, Red Wings obtain reinforcement at center

    In a pregame ceremony, the Wings will send Nicklas Lidstrom's No. 5 to the top of Joe Louis Arena, alongside the numbers of such luminaries as Gordie Howe and ...

  21. Confident Michigan a quick study, while Michigan State struggles to adjust

    Michigan is feeling no pain right now, but isn't interested in celebrating an incomplete accomplishment. Michigan State is feeling all sorts of discomfort, and ...

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Bob Wojnowski is a Michigan native who grew up in Ann Arbor, went to high school in Battle Creek and graduated from the University of Michigan in 1983. He has been at The Detroit News since 1989, a columnist since 1992. He has covered everything from the Super Bowl to the Olympics to the World Series to the Final Four to the NBA and Stanley Cup Finals.

Bob Wojnowski's favorites:

  • Favorite food: A juicy steak. (Meat and potatoes, baby.)
  • Favorite sport: Football, especially college football.
  • Favorite movies: "Silence of the Lambs," "Fargo," "Animal House"
  • Favorite performer: David Letterman

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