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  1. Brand-new Lions done in by same old mistakes in loss to Panthers

    This wasn't a battering, not really. It was a bumbling, a bungling, a trip down misery lane. Against a tough defense, the Lions' offense made all the big mistakes in a 24-7 loss to the Panthers on Sunday.

  2. Combating domestic violence would benefit NFL more than firing Roger Goodell

    Roger Goodell is guilty. Hes guilty of all the standard charges arrogance, ignorance and incompetence. He's guilty of a lesser charge than Ray Rice (please, let's not forget who committed the actual crime), but on a larger scale.

  3. Wojo's Pigskin Picks: Big Ten bludgeoned but not broken (yet)

    The Big Ten never has been overly interested in trivial things such as 'national titles,' 'bowl victories,' or 'recruits with less than 25-percent body fat.'

  4. No more teasing: Tigers flex strength against Royals

    The Tigers don't like getting challenged, but at least they know what to do when it happens.

  5. Matthew Stafford manages nicely in Lions' impressive opener

    This was the plan, laid out in prime time, executed in prime style. The Lions wanted to start fast and strike often, and this was about as fast as you can start.

  6. UM ends Notre Dame rivalry with a resounding thud

    This 31-0 whipping by Notre Dame was the biggest embarrassment of coach Brady Hoke's regime, as Michigan was beaten on the inside, on the outside and on the sideline. On a brutal day for the Big Ten, the Wolverines landed the honors of largest humiliation.

  7. Wojo's pigskin picks: Spartans and Wolverines hunt for big-time prey

    As we know, the Big Ten has a reputation problem, partly because it has two national championships the past 44 years. Im pretty sure the Southeastern won two national championships in one calendar year.

  8. Spartans relish the dare the Ducks present

    As Michigan State prepares for one of the biggest showdowns in college football this season, nothing should seem too big anymore.

  9. No history this time, as Michigan flashes old-school power

    The Wolverines didn't erase anything by wiping out Appalachian State 52-14 Saturday, and that wasn't their goal. Their goal was to take all this pent-up aggression from last season's collapse, from the criticism, from the questions and find a way unleash it.

  10. Wojo's pigskin picks: Michigan State wants no part of Michigan's stunning upset history

    Now that Michigan State is ruler of the state and ruler of the Big Ten, it's my duty, as arbiter of all that's righteous and ridiculous about college football, to lay out the responsibilities for such a lofty position.

  11. Michigan needs to follow Michigan State's lead, and embrace defense

    There are schemes and slogans and all sorts of ways to piece together a winning season. But generally, there's one time-tested way to sustain it. Michigan State learned the hard way. Michigan is learning the same way.

  12. Listless bats threaten to sink Tigers' season

    They're no longer in first, no longer even in a wild-card playoff spot, no longer the self-assured team we saw early in the season. The Tigers slogged through another loss Sunday, 8-1 to the Mariners, and it was as dreary as any.

  13. Joe Nathan desperate to move past flap, and Tigers fans should let him

    This response was acceptable. This apology was deeper and stronger than the last. This was the first step Joe Nathan had to take, to have a chance to take a few more.

  14. Tigers feel the fans' frustration, but can't get consumed with the pressure

    It was scrawled on the white greaseboard in the center of the Tigers clubhouse, a timely statement that was at least half-accurate. 'The Storm is Over' was the message, author unknown.

  15. No excuses: Despite their injuries and flaws, Tigers still have enough to win Central

    Even with Anibal Sanchez and Justin Verlander ailing, along with reliever Joakim Soria, the Tigers should have enough to outduel the Royals and win the AL ...

  16. Devin Gardner is key to Brady Hoke's fortunes at Michigan

    Devin Gardner has one more chance to define himself, and in the process, can go a long way toward defining Brady Hokes program. The two are linked, their ...

  17. Lions' O-line could lift unpredictable attack

    Here's something you probably never thought you'd hear: The Lions appear to have an offensive line good enough and tough enough to make this work.

  18. Michigan State's biggest upgrade is well received

    The Spartans grinded opponents into grass-stained pulp last season, and that's what they'll try to do again, with one potentially significant upgrade. They now ...

  19. In a rotation of Cy Young winners, Tigers' Anibal Sanchez takes a back seat to nobody

    Maybe it was a quirk of timing, or the presence of a decimated opponent. But right on cue, the Tigers starters have launched their much-anticipated game of ...

  20. Tigers' inconsistency makes it hard to tell what help they need

    It's scary how good they could be, or should be, especially with their starting pitching. And it's scary how easily their flaws could derail them.

  21. Amid heavy scrutiny, Dave Brandon motivated by Michigan's 'unfinished business'

    Dave Brandon took over Michigan athletics during one of the most-tumultuous times in school history. More than four years later, the noise has abated a bit, ...

  22. Tigers did deal for Joakim Soria that needed to get done

    Frankly, the Tigers could've traded all their prospects plus the Ty Cobb statue in Comerica Park to land Joakim Soria and you wouldn't complain.

  23. Ilitch must bolster Tigers bullpen to make good on promise

    It's unclear if Ilitch stuck around for the ninth inning, because a man who loves to build knows how hard it is to finish. The bullpen did it this time, with ...

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