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  1. Pulte's blight vision gets torn down

    Did blight buster Bill Pulte really decide his work in Detroit was done and it was time to move on? Or did he get shoved out by the Duggan administration?

  2. Don't charge mob with hate

    We can punish criminals for what they do, and not what they think or say, while still delivering justice for their victims and without weakening the Constitution.

  3. Schauer's pick moves ticket further left

    Political wisdom says that elections are won in the middle. Candidates from the ideological extremes, we're told, may score big in primaries, but have little appeal to general election voters.

  4. Column: Still too much hate in Detroit

    Despite the resurgent downtown, with its hot new bars and restaurants and hipsters lovin' the urban life, much of Detroit remains a very dangerous place.

  5. Camp, Rogers break D.C.'s iron grip

    Apparently Potomac Fever is curable. Two Michigan congressmen at the pinnacle of their influence are doing something that is practically unheard of: leaving Congress without being carried out or booted out.

  6. Rogers retirement 'sets off a scramble'

    With the retirement of influential Congressman Mike Rogers, an already-crazy 2014 election just got more exciting.

  7. Retirees risk hurting themselves

    Detroit's retirees are playing Russian roulette. They're the key puzzle piece in settling the city's bankruptcy. If they take the deal on the table, the process can wrap up neatly, and they'll have much more in their pockets than was initially predicted.

  8. Michigan's potholes are scaring off investors

    The crater fields that once were our highways have taken all of the pleasure out of driving. It's impossible to plan a route of any length that doesn't take you over at least one stretch of roadbed that's unpassable without swerving and dodging.

  9. Detroit area water authority talks hit cutoff

    Kevyn Orr's hopes of leasing the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department to a regional authority are on life support, as both the city and suburbs are striking much more adversarial stances.

  10. Column: Billionaire Dems boost Peters

    Democrat and U.S. Senate hopeful Gary Peters is benefiting from $400,000 in campaign ads attacking his rival, Republican Terri Lynn Land, as being bought and paid for by ultra-wealthy special interests.

  11. Battle royal ahead for House seats

    Michigan is host to one of the more volatile congressional campaign seasons this year. At least half of the state's 14 House races will feature competitive contests, defying the wisdom that redistricting makes congressional elections forgone conclusions.

  12. Obama wobbles again on Israel

    As we now know for certain, a weak American president makes the world a more dangerous place.

  13. Finley: With Obama, America is on the path it chose

    Ask Americans if they want a bigger, more expansive and expensive government, and you'll hear a resounding 'No!'

Editorial Page Editor & Columnist

Nolan Finley is Editorial Page Editor of The Detroit News, a position he's held since May 1, 2000. He directs the expression of the newspaper's editorial position on various national and local issues, and also writes a column in the Sunday newspaper.

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Prior to becoming Editorial Page Editor, Finley was the newspaper's Deputy Managing Editor, directing the newsroom.

Previously, he served as Business Editor, and in various editing positions on the city, state and metro desks. He was also a reporter, covering Detroit City Hall during the Coleman Young administration.

Finley has been with the newspaper since 1976, starting as a copy boy in the newsroom while a student at Wayne State University. He is a graduate of both Schoolcraft College in Livonia and Wayne State, where he earned a Bachelor's degree in journalism. In 2001, Schoolcraft named him its outstanding alumni.

He is a native of Cumberland County, Ky.

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