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    • 8:36 AM, Sep. 15, 2014

    The Internet of things? That's banking on trouble

    There's a great big Internet-connected network of the future coming, America, and I am afraid.

  1. Cutting a king-sized cellphone bill for my princess

    My wife, the long-suffering Mrs. Funny Money, is all thumbs. And I mean that entirely as a compliment.

  2. O'Connor: Put the brakes on auto insurers' unfair practices

    Head's up, Funny Money fans: In honor of the end of summer and start of a new school year, here's a pop quiz! Our topic? Your automobile insurance.

  3. Bonus paychecks can get you into the buff(er)

    I've got a number of good financial reasons to celebrate here in August. First, my boy, Funny Money Jr. or, as I call him, Li'l Money ('cuz that all he leaves me) will soon return to school, ending his constant and costly assault on America's strategic lemonade reserve.

  4. Even if you have flood insurance, basements are probably sunk

    Federal flood insurance covers only structural and some mechanical items in a basement. So if the walls or floor buckle or your water heater or electrical panel drowns, you're good, but that's it.

  5. Kids older than your Scotch? No tax break

    With just three weeks until Labor Day, summer is nearly over, which raises a perennial August quandary. To wit: If I haven't slimmed down for bikini season yet, should I just throw in the thong and keep my coat of insulating fat for winter?

  6. Ending bank tricks would be music to my ears

    There's no shortage of dumb laws on the books in this country — you can't, for example, delay or detain a homing pigeon in New Jersey or give a dog whiskey in Chicago. But what really confounds me is all the lousy things that remain legal.

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