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  1. Tricks to getting the most from your herb garden

    You don't need a garden to grow herbs. Thyme and oregano thrive in the cracks between the flat stones of my sidewalk. Six hours of sun or more daily is the key to success.

  2. Primp garden to show off plants at their finest

    Now is the perfect time to fine-tune the landscape. You might be surprised how selective pruning can improve the look of your garden.

  3. Get seeds started inside to kick-start summer veggies

    Most garden centers are out of seedlings at this time of year, so in order to grow greens and short-season vegetables, I have to grow them from seed. Some plants can be difficult to germinate outdoors in hot weather, so I presprout them.

  4. Willow water tea recipe aids the rooting process

    I'm going to root cuttings when I leave my country cottage home. And to speed the process along, I'm going to use a homemade potion of willow water tea because there are hormones in willows that stimulate rooting of other plants.

  5. Tips to keep your plants blooming all summer

    Many annuals, especially petunias and million bells (Calibracoa), are heavy feeders that need iron to keep them flourishing throughout the summer.

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