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  1. After 65 years of serving food, Sindbad's knows what works

    The Detroit River space has a straightforward American menu, a friendly welcome and the kind of comfortably unpretentious atmosphere that comes with a family-run restaurant.

  2. Easter Sunday brings out the best in festive brunches

    Diners can expect fare that's just a little more festive than on regular weekends. Extra dishes are added to the buffet tables, and plated entrees are elegantly garnished on days such as this.

  3. Reborn Park Grill becomes a Detroit dining destination

    The reborn spot, open barely two weeks now, is getting rave reviews from people who already loved the Mediterranean fare with a Balkan twist.

  4. 8 creative desserts cap off a perfect meal at local eateries

    While it's true only a few local restaurants have in-house pastry chefs, there are certain restaurants that pride themselves on offering distinctive desserts that seamlessly fit their profile.

  5. The Bird & the Bread offers a menu brimming with creativity

    The Bird & the Bread serves just about the best rotisseried-chicken around. The big kitchen behind the scenes also makes a rustic array of breads and delicious little crackers. And that's just the start.

The Detroit News Food Critic

Molly Abraham is a native Detroiter who always loved writing and journalism and majored in English but never thought she would be writing about restaurants. However, as things so often work out, after writing features for a while for The Detroit News, she became the restaurant critic. This is her second stint with The News.

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