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  1. Amtrak's Detroit-Chicago trip to get faster, plusher with upgrades

    Lansing The tracks have been cleared for the state to develop faster, cushier Amtrak service between Detroit and Chicago now that the Michigan Senate has ended its probe of a state passenger rail car purchase.

  2. Brand-new Lions done in by same old mistakes in loss to Panthers

    This wasn't a battering, not really. It was a bumbling, a bungling, a trip down misery lane. Against a tough defense, the Lions' offense made all the big mistakes in a 24-7 loss to the Panthers on Sunday.

  3. Detroit drug, gun seizures plummet

    Detroit — Drug house raids and street dealer arrests have plummeted this year, resulting in fewer drugs confiscated and fewer illegal firearms taken off the street, according to internal police documents obtained by The Detroit News.

  4. Couple symbolically reunited after 156 years

    Traverse City It took Tim Carroll four years to finally reunite his great-great-grandparents. Then again, when you've been apart since 1858, what's another few years?

  5. Cass Tech football coach misses first half of game searching for Jayru Campbell

    Campbell, who earlier Friday had been released from jail after serving time for an assault on a school security guard, had returned to the school. Then he got arrested again.

    • 2:54 PM, Sep. 12, 2014

    FitBark: Startup by ex-banker creates a fitness tracker for Fido

    Davide Rossi was working as an investment banker in New York City when the idea occurred to him: What if there were a fitness tracker for dogs?

    • 11:48 PM, Sep. 14, 2014

    West seeks to unite against Islamic State

    Paris — Newly outraged by the beheading of yet another Western hostage, diplomats from around the world are in Paris pressing for a coherent global strategy to combat extremists from the Islamic State group — minus two of the main players and without any ground

    • 11:45 PM, Sep. 14, 2014

    For fans, college football poses wedding dilemma

    Birmingham, Ala. Emily Younker isn't getting married until next year but she's already made sure the date doesn't conflict with college football and sent one invitation: To Big Al, the elephant mascot of the University of Alabama Crimson Tide.

  6. Men only: Kathy Griffin's guide to late-night TV

    Los Angeles Last year, as a late-night TV shake-up ended with yet another chorus line of white male hosts, Joan Rivers decried the lack of women in any of the coveted jobs as 'beyond frustrating.'

    • 11:02 PM, Sep. 14, 2014

    Creditor Syncora bets big on downtown Detroit's future

    Detroit The potential deal that could end Detroit's bankruptcy is a big sign that even a belligerent holdout creditor believes downtown's comeback is real, said players in the downtown development scene.

    • 11:05 PM, Sep. 14, 2014

    Jobs on the endangered list

    Technology killed the switchboard operator, the lamp lighter and the ice cutter. And it's a threat for workers in a variety of other fields, from flight attendants to drill press operators to lumberjacks.

    • 11:11 PM, Sep. 14, 2014

    The Internet of things? That's banking on trouble

    There's a great big Internet-connected network of the future coming, America, and I am afraid.

  7. College savings up, but still fall far short of costs

    The good news is that Americans are saving more than ever for college. The bad news is that the average amount wouldn't come close to getting a person a degree.

  8. Banks taking on risk specialists

    At a time when banks are trimming staff to lower expenses, one area of hiring remains hot: risk and compliance.

  9. Try a united front to clear smokers from main entrance

    Q. My problem involves the smokers who gather in front of our office. Because we work in a government agency where security is tight, all employees are ...

  10. Insurers warn tailgate thefts are picking up

    The insurance industry is warning pickup drivers to watch their backs. Tailgate theft is surging.

  11. Ranks of workers lacking a college degree shrink

    Landing a job that leads to a middle-class living may be getting harder for the two-thirds of American workers who aren't college graduates, as more employers ...

  12. Airline stocks among high fliers

    You just spent a small fortune on airline tickets — and the extra charges for the bags — for your family's summer vacation. All your flights were packed with ...

  13. Health coverage for retirees outside U.S. will vary greatly

    Q: What advice on health insurance can you give to people planning to retire in India? Can we purchase an international health insurance policy for medical ...

  14. Survey finds millennials not sold on credit cards

    More than six in 10 millennials don't have a credit card, and only a minority who do have them pay off the entire balance every month, a new study shows.

  15. Free speech needs no amending

    As election season enters full swing, Senate Democrats are taking the opportunity to garner votes by attempting to rewrite the Bill of Rights, something that ...

  16. Monday's TV/radio

    7 Washington at Atlanta or N.Y. Yankees at Tampa Bay, MLB

  17. Restorative justice keeps students in the classroom

    Disciplining students by suspending or expelling them from school is counterintuitive, as preventing students from learning not only hurts the individual, it ...

  18. Restoring freedom to FOIA

    Over time, federal agencies have flipped the Freedom of Information Act on its head. Congress clearly intended the FOIA to be a tool for the public to pry ...

  19. With Snyder vs. Schauer, women have a big choice to make

    Two candidates are vying to be our next governor, and Michigan's women would be wise to pay attention not only to what each of them says, but also to what ...

    • 10:55 PM, Sep. 14, 2014

    In today's e-Edition of The Detroit News

    Fewer police officers and the loss of the narcotics unit are cited as the reasons raids and street arrests have waned. #1

  20. Creditors seek delay in Detroit bankruptcy trial

    Detroit's remaining holdout creditors are asking for a one-week delay in the city's bankruptcy trial to adjust their litigation plans after one of the city's ...

  21. Lions revert to old ways in loss to Panthers

    The Lions lost to the Panthers, 24-7, at Bank of America Stadium with Matthew Stafford making inaccurate and often rushed passes, finishing 27-of-48 for 291 ...

  22. Surging Tigers sweep Indians, take command of AL Central

    The Tigers, trying to capture their fourth straight AL Central title, were two games behind the Royals on Monday. After taking two of three from the Royals and ...

  23. Girl, 7, shot playing outside Detroit home by gunfire from vehicles speeding down street

    Detroit police said a 7-year-old girl playing outside Sunday was in critical condition after she was shot when two vehicles exchanged gunfire on the 20400 ...

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