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  1. GM's new manufacturing strategy helps breathe new life into Tennessee town

    Spring Hill, Tenn. General Motors Co.'s Spring Hill complex is on a path that may lead to a doubled workforce and become a vision of GM's manufacturing future.

  2. What will new era in college football mean for Spartans, Wolverines?

    They live in a gated community now. But money doesn't always buy acceptance. And as college football enters a new era – out with the parochial, in with a playoff – there are plenty of questions yet to be answered.

  3. Land proposes cutting 75 percent of federal gas tax

    Republican U.S. Senate candidate Terri Lynn Land proposed Tuesday taking away control of 75 percent of the 18.4-cents-a-gallon federal gas tax from Uncle Sam and letting states like Michigan decide how to spend it.

  4. Michigan needs to follow Michigan State's lead, and embrace defense

    There are schemes and slogans and all sorts of ways to piece together a winning season. But generally, there's one time-tested way to sustain it. Michigan State learned the hard way. Michigan is learning the same way.

  5. Tigers closer Joe Nathan returns to fans' good graces by slamming door on Yankees

    A few weeks ago all Joe Nathan heard from the fans at Comerica Park were boos and cat-calls. He heard something completely different Tuesday.

  6. The Detroit News Top 25: Top-ranked Florida State reloads, MSU No. 6

    Matt Charboneau breaks down The Detroit News' Top 25 college football teams. There are four Big Ten teams in our rankings -- No. 6 Michigan State, No. 11 Ohio State, No. 20 Nebraska and No. 25 Wisconsin.

    • 6:35 AM, Aug. 27, 2014

    U.S. official: American militant said killed in Syria

    An American man believed to have been killed in Syria was there to fight alongside an extremist militant group, most likely the Islamic State, a U.S. official has said.

    • 12:09 AM, Aug. 27, 2014

    Illness that blinds, saps hearing bravely battled by child from Michigan

    NBC Nightly News correspondent Peter Alexander was sitting at the Diuble family kitchen table in Manchester a couple months ago watching 11-year-old Lilly's eyes 'dart around to see me and her ears strain to catch the conversation around her.'

  7. Review: Conspiracies and gunfire drive 'November Man'

    Filled with efficient thrills, 'The November Man' is both more taut and tough than you'd expect from a late August spy action flick. Then again, it's produced by and stars Pierce Brosnan.

    • 6:50 PM, Aug. 26, 2014

    Aurora borealis lights up photo contest finals

    Some people chase tornadoes. Dale Niesen chases aurorae borealis. One of those shots snagged one of the last spots in the finals of The Detroit News' eighth annual Celebrate Michigan Photo Contest.

    • 7:18 AM, Aug. 27, 2014

    Gaza cease-fire holds as sides weigh gains

    Jerusalem — An open-ended cease-fire between Israel and Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip was holding Wednesday, as many people on both sides of the conflict wondered what was gained during 50 days of fighting.

  8. Detroit Jazz Festival overflows with big names, inventive programs

    Just in time for a long, lazy weekend before the bustle of fall, the Detroit Jazz Festival is gearing up for its 35th year of providing free, world class music in five venues from the Detroit riverfront to Campus Martius.

  9. Oakland Township site of Ultimate Homearama's return

    Ten years after its last show in Metro Detroit, the Ultimate Homearama, a showcase of brand new high-end homes, returns to the region this weekend at the lavish Pinnacle luxury home development in Oakland Township.

  10. Fresh take on the familiar at Downtown Louie's Lounge

    Open since late April, Downtown Louie's Lounge might lure glances with its spiffy look, but once inside, patrons discover that it's not just a pretty face.

    • 7:29 PM, Aug. 26, 2014

    Cellular Connection program donates $1,500 scholarships for Livonia students

    Now through Sunday, children 13 and younger who live in Livonia can take part in Color for College, a program sponsored by the Cellular Connection.

    • 6:58 AM, Aug. 27, 2014

    LA authorities: Man who shot 7 is 'serial killer'

    Los Angeles — A man who authorities are now calling a serial killer opened fire on Los Angeles-area streets for five straight days until he was finally ...

  11. North Korea: Michael Brown shooting evidence that U.S. a 'graveyard of human rights'

    Seoul, South Korea — North Korea is saying the police shooting of an unarmed black 18-year-old in Ferguson, Missouri, is evidence that the United States is a ...

  12. Freda Payne returns to her roots on new album and at jazz fest

    When it comes to jazz, Freda Payne isn't just another R&B singer looking for a more mature art form and a chance to wear classier gowns.

    • 6:53 AM, Aug. 27, 2014

    3 bodies of family members found in Oregon lake

    Gaston, Ore. — It was supposed to be a pleasant lakeside picnic for a 42-year-old mother, her 25-year-old daughter, teenage son and 3-year-old grandson.

  13. Steve March-Tormé pays tribute to father Mel Tormé

    It's a program Steve March-Tormé has been doing for a while that features special Marty Paich arrangements for the album 'Mel Tormé With the Marty Paich ...

    • 7:29 PM, Aug. 26, 2014

    Pet of the week: Milo

    Milo is 1-year-old Chihuahua mix who is loving and fun. He's very energetic and will benefit from long walks with you and your family.

    • 6:39 AM, Aug. 27, 2014

    Southern California prepares as big waves brew

    Newport Beach, Calif. — The surf was churning in Southern California, and even bigger waves were brewing.

  14. Hammond legend Lonnie Smith still gets fired up playing music

    In concert, Dr. Lonnie Smith appears to be in an advanced state of bliss when he's pounding away on the Hammond B3. 'The organ is like an orchestra,' he says.

    • 7:09 AM, Aug. 27, 2014

    UN scientist with Ebola in Germany for treatment

    Berlin — A scientist who was infected with Ebola while working for the World Health Organization in Sierra Leone has arrived in Germany for treatment in a ...

  15. Taste of Traverse City getting a visit from the White House

    A Taste of Traverse City may be a newbie on the epicurean map, but the three-day event is on its way to becoming a national destination for foodies.

  16. Win a copy of 'Little One-Yard Wonders'

    An amazing collection of simple sewing projects for that little one in your life can be found in the just released 'Little One-Yard Wonders, Irresistible ...

    • 6:41 AM, Aug. 27, 2014

    Government-held Ukraine town hit by rebel shells

    Novoazovsk, Ukraine — Separatist rebels shelled a town in southeastern Ukraine on Wednesday, raising fears they are launching a counter-offensive on government- ...

  17. Mega Millions jackpot rises to $20 million

    Lansing — The Mega Millions jackpot has risen to an estimated $20 million for the next drawing in the multistate lottery game.

  18. After violence, pair mulls reconciliation

    Dear Abby: Five years ago, my husband got drunk and physically attacked me in front of his family. It was horrible. I was in shock, and our relationship never ...

  19. Editorial: At Detroit Fire Department, base promotions solely on merit

    The Detroit Fire Department is taking a big step forward in proposing new criteria for promotions.

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