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  1. Detroit's latest offer to retirees eases pensions cuts but raises health care fears

    The city's latest offer to retirees dramatically softens the blow to their monthly pensions, but creates a murky outlook for their greatly reduced future health insurance benefits.

  2. Suspected getaway driver shot by Detroit homeowner, crashes vehicle into another house

    A suspect who was shot during a break-in attempt on the city's west side early this morning was found dead after he crashed a getaway vehicle into a home across the street, injuring a woman in the home.

    • 8:30 AM, Apr. 17, 2014
    • AUTOS

    Chrysler updates its Dodge muscle cars

    Chrysler is expected to reveal refreshed versions of its Dodge Charger and Challenger muscle cars today at the New York International Auto Show featuring new sheet metal, new technology and the return of the Bumble Bee.

  3. Pulte's blight vision gets torn down

    Did blight buster Bill Pulte really decide his work in Detroit was done and it was time to move on? Or did he get shoved out by the Duggan administration?

  4. Speedy Red Wings set to take on big, bad Bruins

    Uh, OK. This is different, even a bit awkward, like meeting the guy who took your plush corner office. It's different in more ways than we've ever seen, as the Wings make their first foray into the Eastern Conference playoffs and immediately get to face the East's beasts, the Boston Bruins. Be careful what you wish for, right?

  5. Detroit News 2014 Guide to Public Golf Courses

    Our annual Guide to Public Golf Courses includes an interactive map and is updated with 2014 rates for courses in seven southeast Michigan counties.

  6. Detroit's changing numbers in bankruptcy deal to face scrutiny

    A sudden change of fortune for 32,400 Detroit pensioners in the city's historic bankruptcy from the threat of draconian pension cuts to a modest reduction in lifetime benefits could face mathematical scrutiny as the case proceeds, experts say.

    • Apr. 17, 2014

    Hollywood changes script, tempts religious audiences

    Hollywood may be taking the Christian audience for movies seriously, judging by its roster of releases for 2014. But the reception for the first major offering this year, 'Noah,' indicates that difficult times are ahead for an industry that isn't used to catering to the religious crowd.

    • 6:16 AM, Apr. 17, 2014

    Evacuation came too late for many on sinking South Korea ferry

    An immediate evacuation order was not issued for the ferry that sank off South Korea's southern coast, likely with scores of people trapped inside, a crew member said today.

    • 12:45 AM, Apr. 17, 2014
    • MUSIC

    Detroit Electronic Music Festival is off for 2014, organizers say

    The relaunched Detroit Electronic Music Festival, which was to run July 4 weekend in Campus Martius Park concurrently with a new three-day electronic music festival at Ford Field, has been shelved by organizers for now.

    • 8:32 AM, Apr. 17, 2014

    Affirmative inaction: The college admissions playing field needs to be accessible to all

    If your kid walks past crack houses to get to high school and my kid walks through clover, the playing field is not level.

    • 12:40 AM, Apr. 17, 2014
    • AUTOS
    • DRIVE

    Bling King: 2015 Cadillac Escalade

    The big yacht is pickup-based and shares specs with Chevy's Tahoe But the $72k Escalade is much more than a Tahoe in a tux. It puts OMG in SUV.

  7. Pair leftover eggs with holiday ham for imaginative dinners all week

    Go beyond ham sandwiches and soups to try a variation on a deviled egg using cooked ham, make edible ham cups for your next brunch or enjoy ham and egg pizzas or empanadas for a weekend lunch.

    • 8:41 AM, Apr. 17, 2014

    Applications for U.S. jobless aid up 2K to 304,000

    Washington The number of people seeking U.S. unemployment benefits last week rose 2,000 to a seasonally adjusted 304,000. Jobless claims continue to be near pre-recession levels despite the slight increase.

  8. Fans come out for vinyl on Record Store Day

    Launched in 2007 as a way to celebrate independent record stores and record store culture, Record Store Day has since grown to become a huge event both for ...

  9. 2014 is the year of the egg

    Eggs are showing up fried on burgers, baked atop casseroles and poached on pasta. Any time has become egg time as this versatile ingredient has gone far beyond ...

  10. Chef shows off the beauty and benefits of chocolate in cheesecake

    Executive Chef Chris Franz of the Rattlesnake Club in Detroit has created the ideal dessert in the spirit of celebrating dark chocolate for health, Easter or ...

    • 7:04 AM, Apr. 17, 2014

    Ukraine: 3 killed after Black Sea base attack

    Kiev, Ukraine Three pro-Russian protesters were killed and 13 injured during an attempted overnight raid on a Ukrainian National Guard base in the Black Sea ...

  11. Political insider: Land turns Obama swipe on equal pay into a plea for campaign funds

    The U.S. Senate campaign of Republican Terri Lynn Land last week wasted little time in practicing some political jujitsu against the Democrats.

  12. Good Stuff: Graters, doughnuts, Earth Day cocktail

    Super-sharp new graters, a greener cocktail for Tuesday's Earth Day and a new doughnut shop with 19 different glazes and 14 different toppings for design-your- ...

  13. Obama praises Biden, but doesn't endorse for 2016

    Washington President Barack Obama is keeping to himself his favorite to succeed him in the White House.

    • 7:34 AM, Apr. 17, 2014

    Samples collected from oil slick not from missing Malaysia plane

    Perth, Australia Investigators were analyzing data collected by a robotic submarine that completed its first successful scan of the seabed Thursday in the ...

  14. Hit film 'Sister Act' becomes a musical blast from the disco past

    If legendary composer Alan Menken hadn't been able to put his own stamp on the score for the musical 'Sister Act,' hemight have turned down the job.

  15. Detroit teen faces hearing in mob attack on Clinton Twp. motorist

    Detroit A 16-year-old Detroit boy is due back in juvenile court on assault and ethnic intimidation charges in the brutal beating of a suburban motorist.

    • 6:47 AM, Apr. 17, 2014

    Robber who was homesick for prison to be sentenced in Chicago

    Chicago Walter Unbehaun has spent nearly all of his adult life behind bars, so it's not surprising that he faces sentencing Thursday for yet another crime, a ...

  16. Hard Rock Cafe launches new menu; Griffin Claw adds liquors

    Hard Rock Cafe has added a jumbo combo appetizer platter and massive burger, among other updates, and Griffin Claw is making its own vodka and gin now. Plus, ...

  17. Firefighters hop on plane to get to Mackinac Island fire

    Mackinac Island Firefighters who were called to help with an electrical fire on Mackinac Island had to hop on a plane to quickly get to the scene because of ...

    • 7:04 AM, Apr. 17, 2014

    Putin hopes no need to send troops into Ukraine

    Moscow Russia's President Vladimir Putin on Thursday rejected claims that Russian special forces are fomenting unrest in eastern Ukraine, but recognized for ...

  18. Review: 'Jodorowsky's Dune' details a director's unfulfilled vision

    'Jodorowsky's Dune' is a documentary that looks back to the '70s when visionary filmmaker Alejandro Jodorowsky tried to adapt Frank Herbert's wildly popular ...

  19. Metro Detroit food calendar

    Classes on spring brunch, wok dishes, bistro classics, kids cooking, plus wine events, last of the Lenten fish fries, a soul food celebration and more.

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