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  1. Small contractors make big gains working on Detroit's M-1 Rail project

    In her hard hat and chartreuse neon vest, Tiffany Hart is at ease supervising a crew of traffic flaggers amid chaotic Woodward Avenue traffic. As she should be: She's the CEO of an asphalting firm with a million-dollar contract on the M-1 Rail project.

  2. Mixed greeting awaits border kids

    The voices of Central American families living in Metro Detroit have been missing from the increasingly explosive conversation about immigration, especially involving the Central American minors, in part because of language barriers and their fear of retribution.

  3. At State Fair, what's old is new again

    Novi It's not like the old days, when the century-old fair was held in Detroit and relished a reputation as the nation's oldest until it became a casualty of state budget pressures. But the revived Michigan State Fair features old and new attractions while evolving as the nation's only for-profit state fair.

  4. Sept. 1, 2007: The day the Big House shuddered

    The reality is, it happened. Michigan was ranked No. 5 in the nation and opening its season at home with a senior-laden offense against a team that resided in the Football Championship Subdivision. But the Mountaineers would stun the college football world that day, upsetting the Wolverines, 34-32, thanks to a field goal with 26 seconds left followed by a field-goal block.

  5. Mark Schauer joins the war on women

    It is richly ironic that Schauer so ardently embraced the nomination of a pro-life Supreme Court candidate at last weekend's state party convention.

  6. In Jerry Lumpe, Tigers great Al Kaline remembers fondly a great teammate, great friend

    With all due respect to the great Derek Jeter, this is a story about a Yankees player who was dying. Not retiring. And about the Tigers great who was his friend.

  7. R.J. Shelton doing double duty for Michigan State

    The starting wide receiver was one of the surprises on this week's depth chart for Michigan State when he also was listed as a third-string cornerback. Coach Mark Dantonio said the move was made to bolster depth while also getting a talented player on the field as often as possible.

    • 10:29 PM, Aug. 27, 2014
    • AUTOS
    • FORD

    First Ford 2015 Mustang rolls off line in Flat Rock

    The first of Ford Motor Co.'s 2015 Mustangs roll off the line Thursday at its Flat Rock Assembly Plant.

  8. GM investment bolsters growth of Tennessee town

    Spring Hill, Tenn. For six months, Lee Swegles commuted home to Tennessee on weekends from the General Motors plant he transferred to in Missouri. When car production returned to GM's Spring Hill complex two years ago, Swegles returned as well. He is encouraged by the growth at the GM plant he has worked at for more than two decades.

  9. Guatemalan teen in Detroit recounts escape from violence, poverty

    Detroit A surgical scar stretches along Oswaldo Ramos' forearm where Guatemalan gang members broke it during a violent beating.

    • 12:35 AM, Aug. 28, 2014
    • AUTOS
    • DRIVE

    Battle of the Three-bangers: '14 Ford Fiesta vs. '95 Geo Metro

    Sure, the terrific 1.0-liter Fiesta won International Engine of the Year. Ford wants 3-cylinder US bragging rights? It's gotta go through the Geo Metro first.

  10. Break out of the burger rut for the last barbecue of the summer

    But it's not just beef that makes super burgers. Other spectacular show-offs start with ground lamb, veal, pork, turkey, chicken and portobello mushrooms.

    • 10:22 PM, Aug. 27, 2014

    $4 billion loan no grand bargain for Detroit

    Detroit's holdout bond insurers, facing the prospect of meager returns in the city's historic bankruptcy case, are not going quietly.

    • 6:44 PM, Aug. 27, 2014

    10 ways to keep summer alive a while longer

    While Labor Day traditionally marks the end of summer in these pleasant peninsulas, we're here to tell you that it's not over yet. Here are a few suggestions to savor the last days of the season from The Detroit News staff.

  11. ALS hits jackpot with 'ice bucket challenge'

    In the couple of hours it took an official from the ALS Association to return a reporter's call for comment, the group's ubiquitous 'ice bucket challenge' had ...

    • 11:52 PM, Aug. 27, 2014

    Shooting by girl with Uzi causes uproar

    Phoenix The accidental shooting death of a firing-range instructor by a 9-year-old girl with an Uzi has set off a powerful debate over youngsters and guns, with many ...

    • 11:09 PM, Aug. 27, 2014

    A different day of infamy

    World War II began on a different morning for Stan Krajewski. On our side of the ocean, the day that lives in infamy is Dec. 7, 1941. If we didn't learn it in ...

  12. Detroit News high-school football picks: Week 1

    Wayne State's Adams Field is the place to be over the next few days if you're a high school football fan with the Detroit Sports Commission Prep Kickoff ...

    • 11:05 PM, Aug. 27, 2014
    • AUTOS
    • DRIVE

    California firm awaits orders to build $1M car

    Montery, Calif Brandon Boeckmann slips into the driver's seat of the low-slung, gull-wing sports car, grins, and says, 'So, how fast do you want to go?'

  13. Make shallot burgers, pair with red wines

    What a yummy summer recipe; perfect for alfresco dining, too. Summer-weight red wines would match up nicely, especially those that could take a slight chill.

  14. Cranbrook looks at Paul Evans, unheralded hero of midcentury design

    When we think of midcentury modern furniture design, the august names that come to mind include Charles and Ray Eames, Florence Knoll. Left out of this ...

    • 11:03 PM, Aug. 27, 2014
    • AUTOS
    • DRIVE

    In-car alerts setting me off

    Today I'm poking fun at a minority new-car buyers. Every year almost three times as many consumers buy used cars rather than new cars. Yet automakers, via ...

    • 10:55 PM, Aug. 27, 2014
    • AUTOS
    • DRIVE

    Soup it up: New car cleaners shine, with elbow grease

    Do you cringe when someone tries to sell you the latest and greatest car care product?

  15. Banish blues with healthy blueberry muffins

    Happily, imported and frozen blueberries make it easy to enjoy them all the time. Even better, hand-pick berries and freeze them for later. Either way, they ...

  16. Sex, outer space and violence have kept Kool Keith in the mix

    Kool Keith, born Keith Thornton, is likely the most prolific rapper of all-time. He performs at this weekend's Michigan on Mute festival at Rocky's Pub in ...

    • 11:56 PM, Aug. 27, 2014

    Officer given more money than Brown's family

    St. Louis Donors have given nearly $700,000 to online fundraising sites set up to collect money for the family of a black 18-year-old and the white police officer who ...

  17. 7 fun new takes on the 7-layer salad

    It's the quintessential potluck food: seven-layer salad. This dish has pretty much remained the same for decades. Until now. We've decided it's about time this ...

  18. Wife is unwilling to care for difficult mother-in-law

    Dear Abby: My mother-in-law is 80 and in the early stages of Alzheimer's. She lives alone an hour and a half from us. She also has a professional who takes ...

  19. Metro Detroit food calendar

    Enjoy the Patio Wine Series at the Rugby Grille, try some tiki cocktails at Forest Grill and more.

  20. Michael Fassbender gets a big head in 'Frank'

    'It was the maddest thing I'd ever read,' Michael Fassbender says of the screenplay for 'Frank,' in which an aloof, avant-garde rock singer spends his entire ...

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