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  1. Editorial: Joint authority is ploy to hike taxes

    Hazel Park and Eastpointe are forming an authority that would allow them to seek 14-mill tax increases for fire protection. They should ditch that idea and try to find savings elsewhere.

  2. A Navy with a mission in mind

    Russia's ongoing dismemberment of Ukraine and the Islamic State's erasing of Middle Eastern borders have distracted attention from the harassment of U.S. Navy aircraft by Chinese fighter jets over the South China Sea.

  3. Don't dismiss seniority at Fire Department

    Re: The Detroit News' Aug. 27 editorial, 'At Detroit Fire Department, base promotions solely on merit': In your editorial regarding the Detroit Fire Department's promotion system, you claim that the city seeks a '

  4. Late school start good for families, schools

    The Michigan Lodging and Tourism Association (MLTA) appreciates the opportunity to respond to The Detroit News' August 26 editorial, which is based on the false premise that starting school after Labor Day somehow harms student achievement outcomes.

  5. State needs more jobs as economy grows

    Michigan's economy grew for a century on the back of the automotive industry and the manufacturing that supports it. Following the Great Recession, the state's prospects are looking better than at any point in the past six years.

  6. A tribute to the Job Corps

    Fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson made good on his promise of a 'War on Poverty' with the Economic Opportunity Act.

  7. Workers need higher wages

    Under pressure by a ballot campaign to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 and to eventually bring tipped workers up to minimum wage, the Michigan Legislature voted May 27 to increase the wage to $9.25 in four steps, the first of which takes effect Monday.

  8. UAW members should thank right to work

    It is pretty clear that union officials do not like right to work laws. They insist that they can't survive without the power to force employees to pay union dues or fees.

  9. Column: A New Orleans model for Detroit?

    If you aren't familiar with the name Paul Pastorek, chances are you've heard about his work.

  10. Editorial: Let there be politics

    Michigan voters may already feel as if they're inundated with political advertising preoccupied with nasty personal attacks. But Labor Day marks the traditional start of the campaign season, and they ain't seen nothing yet.

  11. Things lost in the flood

    Re: The Detroit News' August 27 report,

  12. A victory for homeowners

    Huntington Woods officials have rightly repealed a controversial tree ordinance after residents conducted a petition drive asking the city to either repeal the law or submit it for voter approval.

  13. Wolverine football must mean fall's back

    Today marks the start of the football season for my alma mater, the University of Michigan.

  14. Don't write labor's epitaph just yet

    Labor Day is again upon us. And so are the inevitable epitaphs for the labor movement in America. The distressing analysis of the labor movement is familiar.

  15. Editorial: No end in sight for Detroit Public Schools' money struggles

    It's been a tumultuous past week at Detroit Public Schools. After announcing a 10 percent pay reduction for employees among other cutbacks—and getting that ...

  16. Beware, Detroit: Flood relief may not be coming

    Plenty of Detroit homeowners got a big surprise from their insurance agents after the recent flooding in the tri-county area, finding that their policies ...

  17. When cricket was king in Detroit

    Strange but true — cricket was once the No. 1 summer team sport in Detroit.

  18. Mexico's four obstacles to competitiveness

    This month Mexico signed substantial reforms into law.

  19. Caution is the Obama Doctrine

    A series of foreign crises makes it look like the world has been set ablaze. President Barack Obama's critics say his disengagement is to blame. Yet polls ...

  20. Empower autistic children for the school year

    How would it make you feel if a highly skilled physician or psychologist were to inform you that your child is neurologically wired similarly to such creative ...

  21. Mark Schauer joins the war on women

    It is richly ironic that Schauer so ardently embraced the nomination of a pro-life Supreme Court candidate at last weekend's state party convention.

  22. Mixed greeting awaits border kids

    The voices of Central American families living in Metro Detroit have been missing from the increasingly explosive conversation about immigration, especially ...

  23. Editorial: End of federal oversight affirms progress

    There's been no better sign of the progress Detroit is making toward becoming a fully functional city than the Police Department's release this week from more ...

    • 5:24 PM, Aug. 27, 2014
    • Editorials

    Energy freedom good for consumers

    Should residents and businesses be allowed to generate energy and get a fair price for power they produce? Of course they should. That's why we introduced a ...

  24. As an investment, toilet paper is as good as gold

    If you think that real estate or oil wells are the best tax shelters, guess again.

  25. Poverty cannot excuse failure

    While students were on summer break, America got a lesson on education.

  26. The case for drug discounts

    It is truly disappointing to see Howard Dean carrying the water for the pharmaceutical industry in his August 6op-ed, '

  27. Livonia: The rest of the story on Hinoki school

    Dan Quisenberry, president of the Michigan Association of Public School Academies, wrote a column about Livonia Public Schools and the Hinoki International ...

  28. Editorial: At Detroit Fire Department, base promotions solely on merit

    The Detroit Fire Department is taking a big step forward in proposing new criteria for promotions.

  29. The suburbs are arming to the teeth

    If the federal government has free military equipment to give away, it would seem logical to give more of it to counties with high crime rates and scarce ...

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