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  1. 'Worst' tax code behind corporate flight

    It's not corporate greed or a lack of patriotism that is driving American corporations overseas, as President Barack Obama contends. It's one of the worst corporate tax codes in the developed world.

  2. Do corporations have Constitutional rights?

    Thirty-nine brave men signed the U.S. Constitution on Sept. 17, 1787, and cemented the foundation of our legal system, democracy and way of life for the centuries that followed.

  3. In praise of our supreme law

    Today, millions of Americans will commemorate the adoption of the foundational legal document of our nation, the U.S. Constitution.

  4. Scotland is in no position to seek independence

    The Scottish and English haven't taken up arms, as forces loyal to both nations did here last in 1746, but political voices are waging a fierce war of rhetoric leading up to Thursday's historic referendum to determine whether Scotland secedes from the Uni

  5. Beware China organ harvesting

    China carries out the second largest number of organ transplants per year in the world, and the waiting time for a vital organ there is only 1 to 4 weeks, compared to a few years here in America.

  6. Unions lead the way on equality in Michigan

    Last month, the Michigan AFL-CIO co-sponsored the 25th anniversary Michigan Pride rally at the state capitol, standing up for the rights of our state's lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community.

  7. Burning Man lives on after fire goes out

    The streets are gone. The structures removed. But for the few remaining volunteers, most of the thousands of participants have returned to their homes from around the world. Yes, all is back to normal at this ancient lake bed, 110 miles north of Reno. Except the spirit that is the community of Burning Man 2014 lives on.

  8. Detroit cops must retake the streets

    Across the board, key pieces of community law enforcement are being neglected while the Detroit Police Department reorganizes its drug unit.

  9. Dove Obama makes for a reluctant hawk

    As he offered to the nation his prescription for the most recent Middle East crisis, President Barack Obama reminded me of Michael Corleone in 'The Godfather: Part III.' '

  10. Ex-Im Bank aids Michigan's recovery

    The 2008 financial crisis and ensuing recession was but the latest blow to hit Michigan workers, who for years had watched their jobs outsourced overseas and their factories close.

  11. The economics of network neutrality

    When asked, even most well-educated Americans don’t understand the Federal Communications Commission’s purpose, nor how its policy decisions affect us. Even more elusive is the economic impact that those decisions have on American enterprises, both large and small.

  12. Caring for family is no 'burden'

    In its August 2014 issue, National Geographic featured a story about hunger in America, part of an eight-month series on feeding the planet. 'The New Face of Hunger' presents often counterintuitive images of what is now being called

  13. Dispense with nationalist illusions

    After thousands of years of bloody wars among contending tribes, regions, and nations, is it finally possible to dispense with the chauvinist ideas of the past?

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