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  1. Berman: Michigan Roundtable leader a CEO with kumbaya in him

    Steve Spreitzer is not a cynic or a screamer. He believes we can overcome. He believes we can all get along — and perhaps one day will.

  2. Younger couples share how they handle their money

    Dear Readers: In April, I printed a letter from 'Wondering in Washington,' a man asking why young men in general today have the attitude that 'any money I earn is mine' in a marriage or live-in situation.

  3. Alcohol abuse can inhibit sexual function

    Dear Dr. Roach: Please en­lighten your readers about too much alcohol causing impotence. My husband drinks beer after beer daily, from noon until night, then expects to be able to perform. He’s done this for years, and now can’t get an erection. He’s 65. I’d like to know the damage he is doing to himself and what to look for in the future concerning his health.

  4. Vote fraud myths meet voting rights reality

    Before she was allowed to register and vote for the first time in Franklin County, N.C., Rosanell Eaton had to read the entire preamble to the U.S. Constitution out loud in front of three men in the county courthouse.

  5. Hard to say if J.D. Martinez's season with Tigers is a fluke or the real deal

    When any player seemingly comes out of nowhere and finds a fair amount of success, you're left wondering just how long he can keep it up and when he might turn back into a pumpkin.

  6. Ilitch must bolster Tigers bullpen to make good on promise

    It's unclear if Ilitch stuck around for the ninth inning, because a man who loves to build knows how hard it is to finish. The bullpen did it this time, with Joba Chamberlain and Joe Nathan pitching two scoreless innings as the Tigers averted a sweep and beat the Indians, 5-1.

    • 10:59 PM, Jul. 20, 2014

    I spy, you spy

    In all the snickering over the two Republican operatives who ineptly infiltrated a Democratic fundraiser, we're missing something important.

  7. Do statins affect the heart muscle?

    Dear Dr Roach: I have had coronary bypass surgery, and I take cholesterol medicine. I have significant muscular weakness from my medicine. If the medicine affects muscles, what about my heart muscle? My ejection fraction has started going down.

  8. Keith Urban closes out Saturday's Faster Horses in megastar fashion

    Keith Urban closed out the second day of the Faster Horses festival at Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn Saturday night with a rollicking set before the weekend's biggest crowd.

  9. Parts are not parts, after all

    Society has for too long relied on genitalia to assume maleness and femaleness. Don’t do it, my Netroots comrades caution. Gender is not about what does or doesn’t dangle.

  10. Tiger Stadium fades further into history as Comerica Park builds memories

    In the 15 years since the opening of Comerica Park, there seems to be a softening. The place gets rave reviews from locals, especially young people, and people from around the country.

  11. Crowd-pleaser Tim McGraw closes out day one of Faster Horses

    Country music superstar Tim McGraw closed out the first day of Faster Horses with a confident, professional, crowd-pleasing set in front of some 20,000-plus fans on the grounds of Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn Friday night.

  12. Tigers have playoff competition out west -- maybe more than they can handle

    Major League Baseball's All-Star Game overkill with Derek Jeter is etched into the history books. It's over. Now MLB's television commercial hard sell is October. The playoffs.

    • 10:50 PM, Jul. 18, 2014
    • AUTOS
    • DRIVE

    The best of the best auto features

    Herewith my 2014 list of the best features in autos today – mechanical, digital, aesthetic, and otherwise. What did I miss? Got your favorite feature?

  13. Shows and movies ask: How low can we really go?

    With 'Sex Tape' and 'The Purge: Anarchy,' what comes to mind are other potential cultural events that may further reflect the 'simpling' of America. Consider ...

  14. Tigers get rude reminder how much they need bullpen help

    Fresh off the All-Star break, the Tigers were cruising along Friday until they hit a familiar pothole, one they'll have to fill if they really want to get ...

  15. Teen's parents prefer to lead a quiet life

    Dear Abby: Neither of my parents do anything for fun. When Dad comes home from work, he either reads the newspaper or takes a nap. If Mom has free time after ...

  16. Headache a hallmark CSF leakage symptom

    Dear Dr. Roach: After many weeks of a unilateral nasal leakage of clear watery liquid, I was diagnosed with a cerebrospinal fluid leak. I experience almost ...

  17. Moral clarity in Gaza

    Israel accepts an Egyptian-proposed Gaza cease-fire; Hamas keeps firing.

  18. A great summer of golf and giving back

    The 2014 Marathon Classic, presented by Owens Corning & O-I, is underway through Sunday at Highland Meadows Golf Club in Sylvania, Ohio.

  19. Pinto fans find a lot to love in Dearborn visit

    The Ford Pinto Club of America who will be gathering at Ford World Headquarters in Dearborn Friday for their annual Pinto Stampede. The caravan of Ford Pintos ...

  20. Tigers hold their breath as Victor Martinez rejoins lineup

    Ausmus has his fingers crossed that Martinez, idled by a strained oblique the past few weeks, doesn't get hurt again. After going without his cleanup hitter in ...

  21. Ex-Piston Rodney Stuckey was victim of circumstances

    We can debate what was the biggest reason Stuckey didn't fulfill the promise the organization saw in him: if it was the six coaches in seven years, the fact ...

  22. Embattled legal chief tests GM's culture of loyalty

    Score two for the Senate in the deadly ignition-switch recall case of prosecutors-turned-senators vs. GM's chief lawyer.

  23. Review: Joyless 'Sex Tape' feels more like a sitcom

    Seriously, the premise could easily fit into the new FX show 'Married.' Only there it would likely get some oddball spin and foster some interesting ...

  24. Jalapeno, tequila give limeade a summer kick

    Limeade spiked with jalapeno is thirst quenching, yes, but with marvelous flavors. Grab some at Mudgie's Authentic Artisan Deli or make this version at home.

  25. 'Woolgatherers' guild promotes joy of knitting

    They call themselves the Woolgatherers Knitting Guild, but they knit with a range of fibers every third Thursday. Learn more about the group and make Judy's ...

  26. Review: Post-apocalyptic 'Aftermath' offers nothing but misery

    As masochistic exercises go, 'Aftermath' is fairly effective. It eventually becomes a slaughter-fest in the guise of a cautionary tale.

  27. Son decides life on the open road isn't for him

    Dear Abby: For years, my wife and I were RV enthusiasts. We have a son who was envious about our lifestyle and expressed a desire to own an RV and travel the ...

  28. Cool tips for saving energy during the summer

    Just like there are ways to keep your home warmer in the winter while lowering your energy costs, the same is true in the summer cooling season.

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