December 13, 2006 at 1:00 am

Oct. 18, 1976

How sweet it is -- Seger fans may be 'stars' in a movie

If you were one of the 60,000-plus at the Bob Seger concert at Pontiac Stadium last June, you just might be in the movies.

It seems Capitol Records filmed segments of that set and is planning to show them as a featurette in movie theaters across the country this fall.

The purpose, of course, is to expose Seger's electrifying talents to the national audience and hope some of the excitement he created last summer rubs off.

"This is our initial venture into this type of advertising," a Capitol spokesperson said. "If we see direct sales results, we hope to utilize this new advertising area in future campaigns and develop the best way to use this marketing tool as we did with television advertising."

The 6 1/2 --minute consists of three performance spots with Seger and his Live Bullet Band doing "Katmandu," "Beautiful Loser" and "Travelin' Man."

No word yet on when the featurette will be shown in Detroit theaters but in 20 Los Angeles hardtops this month they'll be seeing Seger instead of the usual travelog and cartoon.