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July 23, 2008 at 6:10 pm

Michigan 2009 per-pupil funding by district

Per pupil state spending for K-12 education will rise modestly once Gov. Jennifer Granholm signs legislation on school funding passed by the Michigan State House Wednesday by a 68-39 vote.

Use the application below to see how much money school districts across the state will receive next year. The numbers represent the amount the state will give each district for each student they have. More details on how to search the database are below.

Click here to load this Caspio Bridge DataPage.

How to search

- To see all the districts in Michigan, leave all the fields as they are and click "Search".

- To search by county, select one or more counties from the "County" field then press "Search". To select additional counties after clicking on one, either hold down the "Control" key and click more counties in the list, or hold down "Shift" and click to select a range of values.

- To search by district or charter school, select one or more counties in the "County" field, then all the districts and charters in the selected counties will appear in the "District/Charter" list box. If you select "Any" in the "County" field, all districts and charter schools in Michigan will appear in the "District/Charter" field. To view numbers for all districts and charters in the list, select "Any". To only view specific districts or charters, select the ones you want to see in the "District/Charter" listbox. To select additional districts or charters after clicking on one, either hold down the "Control" key and click more items in the list, or hold down "Shift" and click to select a range of values. Once you have selected the districts and charter schools you want to see, click "Search".

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