March 10, 2009 at 1:12 am

Ex-mayor juggled women: Suggestive texts sent to at least five

Then-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his Chief of Staff Christine Beatty go bar hopping Jan. 3, 2002, as part of the mayor's inaugural celebration. (John T. Greilick / The Detroit News)

Beyond his duties as mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick was a very busy player.

Besides his wife, Carlita Kilpatrick, and his chief of staff and eventual co-defendant, Christine Beatty, there are at least five other women mentioned in the texts that date from 2002-2005.

It's unclear whether Kilpatrick actually had sex with any of the other women, whose identities could not be verified by The News.

"Can't get you out of my system. Don't want too either," Kilpatrick told Ebony. "Hell yeah, I need some love and affection," he told Alexis. On his way back from Lansing, Kilpatrick told Kebina: "I'm rushing to see you Baby!"

Natashia told Kilpatrick in an explicit message about yet another woman who wanted to have sex with him. He told Natashia that he missed her on Belle Isle and of his desire for a particular sex act. In another set of messages, Natashia asked for tickets to a sporting event and told of a woman in Los Angeles who was "still ready."

"I still want to watch," Kilpatrick told her.

"I want you to do more than just watch," Natashia wrote back.

Kilpatrick sometimes juggled sexually charged text conversations with multiple women simultaneously. Apparently, it wasn't easy.

"I had a bad dream last night ... that you had a girlfriend," Carlita Kilpatrick messaged her husband on Feb. 24, 2003. "So of course I woke up pissed."

Kilpatrick responded, apparently believing the message was from Beatty, including his illicit lover's initials, CLRB: "LOL. I have one Girlfriend. CLRB... My G. My Wind. My Ace. My Best Ever and lastly My Soulmate."

Four hours later, Kilpatrick apparently realized his mistake and simply forwarded the same message to Beatty.

There was no response from Carlita Kilpatrick to this message included in the texts released on Monday.

Beatty explains to her boss in another exchange how their affair predated Kilpatrick's marriage to Carlita. She wondered in July of 2002 why they never tried to get together after college.

"I thought about it when I first came home from school and saw you a few times, right around the time we first had sex, and shortly after that you were engaged," Beatty wrote. "After that, I thought we would never have opportunity to be together and didn't seriously think about it."

Beatty's lawyer, Mayer Morganroth, said Monday that his client expected to be embarrassed again by the further release of messages. But sometimes Beatty appeared to enjoy the stealth role she played in their affair. Running into Carlita at the gym on June 19, 2003, she informed Kilpatrick about how successfully he was fooling his wife -- and she turned his mock devotion into another romantic moment for herself.

"You are such a special husband! I just arrived at the gym and your wife was leaving and telling us that she wasn't working out because her husband called and wanted her to come and have dinner with him and the boys! You are so wonderful! Can I get a husband like you one day?"

Kilpatrick responded, "No question."

Beatty sent back, "LOL. No question what? You gonna hook me up with a good husband or you are the one?"

Kilpatrick assured Beatty, "I wouldn't even try to find you someone as good for you as me. It would be an exercise in futility! Short answer: I'm the one 4 u."

They shared with each other that they had stopped having sexual relations with their spouses. By November of 2003, Beatty told Kilpatrick that she and her husband, Lou, would divorce.

Despite his claims of sexual fidelity to his mistress, Kilpatrick kept up at least friendly text banter with his wife. On his way home one evening he messaged Carlita, "Hey cutie petutie!"

"Hey Mr. Handsome," she answered. "You look awfully good tonight! I'm glad I married you."

"Really," Kilpatrick answered. "I'm glad you married me, too. See you in a minute."

She told him his message put "a big cheese grin on my face," and Kilpatrick responded, "Keep it going. You are real cute when you have a big cheese grin."

"Okay, now I want to have sex," Carlita Kilpatrick wrote. "You down?"

"Yepper," Kilpatrick told his wife.

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