March 31, 2009 at 1:00 am

Reactions to Obama's decision on GM, Chrysler

Kildee )

"I feel that Rick Wagoner was treated shabbily. The president's position with respect to the financial sector has been far more flexible than his approach to the automotive industry despite its far greater cost to the taxpayer. The president has joined the chorus of caustic critics of the automotive industry." -- REP. DALE KILDEE, D-FLINT

"The president has offered General Motors and Chrysler more time, but time alone isn't enough. The real test will be whether President Obama uses this time to support the auto companies as they strive to achieve the lofty objectives his task force has demanded. Moving forward, we must take further action to protect suppliers and dealers, ensure credit is available in the consumer auto markets and take strong action to stimulate demand for new cars." - REP. GARY PETERS, D-BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP

"After meeting with the auto task force many times over several weeks, the president's decision to not move forward with bridge loans was unexpected. We thought the task force was proceeding in good faith even though its members lack auto manufacturing experience. Instead of moving to help the auto industry begin a turnaround and build a future for American auto workers, the announcement is official today that millions of autoworkers may be abandoned." - REP. MIKE ROGERS, R-BRIGHTON

"The first step on the road to recovery is to get Americans buying cars again, and I am heartened with the Administration's recognition that we must address consumer incentives as car sales have plummeted across the globe. The bipartisan 'cash for clunkers' bill currently before Congress is a commonsense step to get the older gas guzzlers off the roads and get working families into the showroom to purchase a new family car. The near $10 billion in tax incentives left on the stimulus cutting room floor to allow folks to deduct state sales taxes and car loan interest should also be revisited." - REP. FRED UPTON, R-ST. JOSEPH