April 9, 2013 at 11:08 am

Terry Foster

Michigan's Mitch McGary not ready for NBA just yet

News and views from Michigan's NCAA Tournament run:

News: Things looked promising for the Wolverines early.

Views: Michigan made some incredible shots early from deep. But the Cardinals defense wears on teams. Michigan gave away a 10-point lead in a matter of seconds in the first half and that gave Louisville life. Later, Louisville did what every Big Ten team did: pounded the ball inside when Mitch McGary got into foul trouble. Chane Behanan was my MVP because he controlled the inside.

News: Wait till next season.

Views: Well, if rumors of Trey Burke and Tim Hardaway Jr. leaving for the pros are true, there likely won't be a championship next year, either.

News: The officiating was, um, interesting.

Views: The last time I saw officiating this bad was during Big Time Wrestling when officials missed Johnny Valentine hitting Bobo Brazil in the head with a chair. The worst call was when Trey Burke recreated the Tayshaun Prince block — but still was called for a foul.

News: Jalen Rose and Jimmy King did everything they could to convince former Fab Five teammate Chris Webber to attend — and it worked.

Views: It was the wrong move at the wrong time.

Rose and King meant well, but they took attention away from the current team's success and spotlight.

This situation needs to resolve itself, and it will, when Webber's 10-year disassociation with Michigan ends in May.

News: Great performance from … Spike Albrecht?

Views: This is the great thing about college sports. You never know where the next great story will come from. Spike looked unconscious in the first half, and saved the team early when Trey Burke got his second foul. I swear one of his shots was from half court.

News: Mitch McGary was Michigan's most valuable player in the NCAA Tournament, so naturally, there are rumblings of him leaving for the NBA.

Views: McGary became a very good college basketball player in the tournament. He is not an NBA player — yet.

McGary needs to return to Michigan, to develop a consistent 12- to 15-foot jumper and at least one post move.

News: Michigan finished fifth in the Big Ten, then advanced to the NCAA title game.

Views: McGary got in better shape. He's always been an energy guy, but lacked spark early because of his weight.

The other difference was Trey Burke distributing the ball better — and, thus, making teammates better.

Michigan could not survive poor shooting nights from Burke in the regular season. In the NCAA Tournament, it could.

News: Who has a brighter future: Tim Hardaway Jr. or Glenn Robinson III?

Views: Michigan runs plays for Hardaway, not for Robinson. That should tell you something.

Hardaway won't be a jump-shooter in the NBA, he'll be a slasher.

Robinson needs to become more of a focal point of the offense before he can dream of succeeding in the NBA.



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Michigan center Mitch McGary, here battling Louisville's Gorgui Dieng for a loose ball, needs another year of college basketball before considering a jump to the pros. / Daniel Mears/Detroit News
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