May 3, 2013 at 1:00 am

Terry Foster

Phil Jackson's advisory role an affront to Pistons and Joe Dumars

The Pistons are officially sleeping with the enemy.

Officials announced Thursday former Bulls and Lakers coach Phil Jackson will serve as a senior consultant for the team's coaching search.

Jackson might be friends with Pistons owner Tom Gores, but he is no friend of the Pistons.

In fact, Jackson has always been smug and dismissive of the Pistons. And now he's riding into town to save the day?

This is basically a slap in the face of team president Joe Dumars.

Does Gores even have faith Dumars can hire the right coach?

Obviously not.

The bitter rivalry

Here's what's wrong with Jackson.

In the 1980s and 1990s, the Pistons and Bulls provided fans with an intense and bitter rivalry.The Bad Boy Pistons were the champs at the end of the 1980s, and the Bulls were up-and-coming.

The rivalry hit its peak during the 1991 Eastern Conference finals, when the Bulls destroyed the Pistons.

With Game 4 winding down, and a Bulls sweep in effect, the Pistons walked off the court in the waning seconds, refusing to shake hands with Chicago.

They walked out because Michael Jordan said the Pistons were bad champions and bad for basketball.

They walked out because they believed they were disrespected by the Bulls.

And by Jackson most of all.

Setting aside the history, however, what are truly Jackson's qualifications?

Sure, he's a great motivator of men, but Jackson never has hired a coach.

He's been a coach, and won 11 NBA titles (although he didn't win one without having a great player leading the way — Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Bryant).

His main qualification is …

He's a friend of Gores.

Jackson will end up doing what most people do: He will push one of his coaches up front.

That's why Brian Shaw, who played for and was an assistant under Jackson, went from dark horse to front-runner for the Pistons job.

Dumars should leave

So in the end, what does this say about Dumars?

He wanted to hire Avery Johnson, but had to settle for John Kuester.

He didn't want Lawrence Frank, but had to deal with him.

Now, he will be "advised" by Jackson on whom the Pistons should hire as coach.

Doesn't seem like Dumars has any presidential power, does it? It's amazing Dumars even wants to put up with this mess.

So, here's one piece of advice for Dumars: Get out now.

The Pistons are officially a mockery.

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Here are Phil Jackson’s qualifications to help hire the next Pistons coach: He’s never hired a coach and he is Gores’ friend. / Robin Buckson/Detroit News
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