May 23, 2013 at 10:37 am

'I'm looking every time I'm out in the car,' Westland mom says

For nearly four months, Kathy Wilson of Westland has been seeking any sign of her daughter.

"I'm looking every time I'm out in the car," she said.

Christina Balog, 43, has been missing since Feb. 11. That morning, she told her mother she felt nervous and "I need to go for a walk." She left their home on Garden Street without a phone or ID and has not returned.

Four days earlier, Balog was released from the Behavioral Center of Michigan in Warren, where she had been treated on and off for months. Balog spent years struggling with bipolar and multiple personality disorders, Wilson said.

Doctors recently switched her medication, Wilson said, and her father's death in 2011 affected her. But she had never left for long and always kept in touch with her 16-year-old son or Wilson.

Wilson checked nearby Garden City Hospital and Hines Park.

Police combed the park with a K-9 team and tracked her Medicare use but could not trace her, said Sgt. Norm Brooks of the Westland Police Department.

Relatives checked with her friends, made posters and placed information online and through social media.

As the months pass, they begin to fear the worse.

"What would make her not call to let us know that she's alright?" said her brother, Mark Wilson. "I have no idea unless someone is holding her against her will."

With her medical issues, finding Balog is critical.

"Everyone is concerned about her well-being because she left with no money, no phone, no medications, which means wherever she's at, she's without what she needs on a daily basis," said Sheila Harazi, a longtime friend.

Wilson said she can barely function not knowing her daughter's status.

"I'm just sitting here waiting for a knock on the door or the phone to ring," the retiree said. "I don't know what else to do. … There's not a minute that goes by that I don't think about her."

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