September 4, 2013 at 1:00 am

Let's Talk Food: Wraps for lunch

Hummus, banana pepper and carrot stick wraps are my husband's go-to hand-held lunch. What kind of wraps do you like to make? (Maureen Tisdale / The Detroit News)

Like many of us who eat at our desks, my husband prefers lunchbox items to be hand-held and easy — breakfast bars, baby carrots, apples, string cheese, that sort of thing. Wraps work great for that, obviously.

Somehow we stumbled upon a combination he really likes: hummus, carrot matchsticks and banana peppers. To be honest, I haven’t tried the flavor combo and can’t quite imagine how it works. I like the components; 8 ounces of baby carrots with two of those 2-oz Sabra hummus cups from Sam’s are a favorite lunch-on-the-go for me. And I think banana peppers bring great zing to salads; they’re standard for a couple of my favorites.

But the banana peppers with the hummus — I don’t know about all that. To me, the peppers are to be used sparingly. I think my sister Tiffany nailed it when we were talking on the phone one day. She was picking up lunch and asked for no banana peppers.

“No?” I questioned. “No,” she said. “Reen, they’re showstealers.”


Still, I decided to share the wrap partially as an excuse to hear what our creative foodie readers’ takes on wraps might be, and partially because they’re not only husband-approved, but approved by two of my siblings in one of my favorite memories from this past Thanksgiving.

We “hosted” the holiday with my family, which is code for having everyone come to our home and tolerate my then 5-month-old’s jags of late-night crying while my brother Bill made fantastic food. Everyone else handled the dishes, and Mom kept laundry going. I literally did nothing but wrangle the baby and buy groceries — from a list Bill even came up with for me. I didn’t even clean ahead of time, I used my friend Mary’s cleaning business. Now that’s hosting!

Anyway, while my family was here, we somehow ended up with a leftover lunch wrap, and I asked if there were any takers. Bill, one of my favorite people to feed, was game, reaching over his head for the hand-off while asking Tiffany if she was in. She was, they split it and — Tisdale approved!

“Wow, Reen, good call on those showstealers,” Tiff said, and the scales tipped in my husband’s favor on this preference disparity.

By the by, if you’re looking for other wrap ideas — and they abound, since really, about anything can squeeze into a wrap — our food writer, Kate, hit on some appealing flavor combos in her back to school lunch piece.)

What are you doing with wraps? We’d love to hear about it in the comments below the recipe. You need a Facebook account to add comments, but they’re free and easy to sign up for, which is how I managed to have one for years and ignore it except for this sort of thing. I’ll be keeping an eye out the next few days to respond to any great comments or questions you post. You can also follow me on Twitter @reentiz. Join the discussion!