September 19, 2013 at 5:15 pm

Let's Talk Food (deals): Milk, frozen veggies good sales through Sunday

Green Giant veggies are on sale 10 for $10 at Kroger through Sunday, Sept. 22. (Maureen Tisdale / The Detroit News)

We ran out of milk by the end of the day Tuesday; with a 15-month-old in the house, thats cause for an unscheduled Wednesday morning grocery store run. Conveniently, it resulted in an unexpected stock-up sale encounter, where I saved $3 on milk and $23.80 on frozen vegetables, both items I buy anyway. The sale continues through midnight Sunday.

Kroger brand milk is $1.99 a gallon, $1 off the usual $2.99 and better even than our go-to for milk: Sams, where a gallon milk runs $2.49. Its even close to Aldis, the all-time price winner at $1.89 (but which I knew wouldnt have everything on my list and unfortunately is never open when I shop: when the baby is asleep and my husband home in case he wakes up). Since best-by dates ranged as late as Oct. 4, I got three gallons for the next two and a half weeks.

But while that saves me $3 at Kroger regular prices, technically it only saves $1.50 over Sams or Meijer, which has gallons of milk 2 for $5 through Saturday, Sept. 21. So my real steal was in the frozen vegetables.

I know my Depression-era Grammy is probably rolling in her grave, but I love the not-necessarily-economical Green Giant 9-oz frozen spinach packages. As I aim at 8 ounces of cooked vegetables each for lunch and dinner, the whole box is just about a serving for me. Its so easy throw in the microwave at work, no advance preparation or weighing needed. My body seems to crave the iron in spinach from time to time, so I like to have plenty on hand.

Where Grammy would shudder is that these run $2.19 a pop; not exactly inexpensive for a single serving of part of a meal. But I try to make her proud by keeping an eye out for sales and stocking up like crazy.

Wednesday was one of those days, completely by happenstance of needing to run to the store for milk. These spinach boxes are on my short list of items I watch regularly for sales; I checked and bam! Ten for $10, on these and some Kroger vegetables (but unfortunately not my beloved Brussels sprouts, another of my regulars I watch).

Hoping the freezer would accommodate, I got 10 and also 10 sugar-snap peas, which worked great into my mental plan for my poor mans Chinese food meal later in the week (imitation crab, white rice with soy and some Asian-type vegetable). With the boxes at $1 each instead of the usual $2.19, I saved more than 50 percent off each, adding up to a total of $23.80 for the 20 I purchased.

Some days, happiness is a fully stocked fridge and freezer after stumbling across a good sale. Now to make room for the cooking Ill do this weekend

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