October 30, 2013 at 1:00 am

Maureen Tisdale

Let's Talk Food: Tortellini, and what's classic food for your family?

Tortellini is classic Tisdale food. (Maureen Tisdale / The Detroit News)

This past weekend, my two sisters and I conspired to start planning for our family Thanksgiving in Maine, coordinating arrivals, food and room assignments at the vacation home were borrowing from old family friends.

Its given me family food on the brain. That, and saying good-bye to October, brought back memories of a visit from my brother Brice around this time last year and some amusing brother food memories.

Like all Tisdales, Brice loves family. I still remember fondly the mock outrage in his voice one time when we were bonding over missing the family and I tattled that those who were together were having tortellini.

What??? Brice said. But thats classic Tisdale food! And it is, tied not to special occasions or heritage or anything else out of the ordinary, but because the cheese-filled little pasta bundles were very ordinary when we were young: a crowd-pleaser Mom served often to the seven of us kids and Dad.

I cant even eat tortellini anymore, since flour stopped being my friend some 10 years ago, but I was step-in-step with Brices faux betrayal: How dare Other Tisdales have a classic family food without us?

It was right around this time last year when Brice drove up from Ohio, where he was working at the time, for a visit. Wed just unexpectedly lost our brother Bobby, and even after a whirlwind of our whole clan going to Maine for the funeral, we both were craving a little more processing and family time.

When I knew Brice was coming, one of my first thoughts was: Get tortellini. (A quick second: how Bobby would have put mayonnaise on it; both he and our father had a no-holds-barred relationship with the eggy white stuff, and Ill never forget Bobbys love for mayonnaise on pasta, spaghetti in particular. Its just one of those him things.)

So in between long chilly walks, the occasional sitcom binge in the man cave and long talks swapping memories of Bobby and other Deep Thoughts in other words, a perfect weekend with my brother Brice I served up some tortellini among other warm October meals. I even used the pasta to lure Brice to stay a little longer on Sunday, a major coup in my book.

Funny sidenote: When my husband saw the packages on the counter and asked, Whats that? I got extremely offended. Thats tortellini of course! I said in outrage. Its classic Tisdale food! He just started laughing, explaining to Brice Id definitely NEVER made it in our four years of marriage.

I have made it a few times since. I havent seen the massive bags from Sams we grew up on in years and years, but I found an inexpensive tortellONi seems to be pretty much the same thing at Aldis (they had a mushroom-filled and a cheese-filled when I stopped by this Monday). In another act of betrayal Ill work to forgive, my husband actually doesnt love it.

I guess some foods are only special attached to the memories of the ones you shared it with originally.

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