January 20, 2014 at 5:45 pm

Tom Gage

No problem here with Justin Verlander's tweet about Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman caused quite a stir with the comments he made to Erin Andrews of Fox after the Seahawks-Niners game Sunday night. (Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images)

Tom Gageís 140 (words, not characters):

Do me a favor.

Donít tell me Justin Verlander shouldnít have tweeted that Seattleís Richard Sherman would get a high and tight fastball for the tone of what he said on Sunday -- if Sherman were a baseball player.

Of course, he would. You know he would.

Verlander wasnít saying he would throw at Shermanís head. I didnít take it that way. A message pitch doesnít have to hit anyone to deliver the message.

My take on the tweet was that any baseball player as out of control with his comments as Sherman shouldnít expect a pitch on the outside corner the next time he steps in.

Nor would he.

Some say baseball polices itself that way -- and perhaps it does. But if anyone thought Verlander overreacted with his comments, Iím firmly on the side that believes he did not.