January 28, 2014 at 12:54 pm

Tom Gage

Tigers' Austin Jackson has let this stat slide

The Tigers' Austin Jackson had a career-worst eight steals last season. (Robin Buckson / Detroit News)

Gage’s 140 (words, not characters)

What do the numbers 27-22-12-8 mean to you?

If you recognize them, then you know what I’m going to say — and you probably agree.

Austin Jackson needs to steal more bases. Those numbers are his.

They are his SBs from his first year to his fourth as a Tiger. They’ve never been particularly eye-opening, but for a while they were promising.

Now they aren’t.

Now they’re just flat-out puzzling.

How can someone so fast be so slow?

Two catchers stole more bases than Jackson last year, including Milwaukee’s Jonathan Lucroy, who had never swiped more than four before.

Jackson is too young and far too fast for anyone to be wondering after four years why he can’t steal bases.

Help might be on the way, though.

As his new teammate, Rajai Davis, tell him how to do it, OK?

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