February 10, 2014 at 1:43 pm

Terry Foster

Day after Pistons fire Maurice Cheeks, Joe Dumars nowhere to be found

Auburn Hills -- A large media contingent converged on the Pistons practice facility Monday to dig into why coach Maurice Cheeks was fired Sunday morning by the Pistons after just 50 games.

Interim coach John Loyer walked off the practice floor into a crowded media room to answer questions.

"I think this group can win," Loyer said. "I think this group can be successful."

Guard Will Bynum talked about the decision in guarded tones. Guard Rodney Stuckey kept telling the media the Pistons had a game against San Antonio later Monday night, but he still faced the heat.

Even forward Kyle Singler had something to say.

Someone asked Stuckey what changes he expects.

"You have to ask Joe Dumars. I am not the GM," Stuckey said. "I am here to play basketball."

Many of us chuckled, but he is right. Stuckey should not have to answer questions about the future of this team.

The two people who can explain things to the Pistons’ fan base were nowhere to be found when Stuckey made his statement. We were told about 20 minutes earlier Dumars would not answer questions.

OK. Dumars did not officially pull the trigger. Owner Tom Gores did. But I am assuming Gores is back in Los Angeles or somewhere else taking care of his business.

It is a shame a day after Cheeks was fired no one from the Pistons brass was willing to explain why. Both issued statements a day earlier, but there are question to be asked about this team.

Who is really running the team?

Is Dumars a lame-duck GM?

Does he have power to make deals that help the Pistons down the stretch?

Does Dumars want to stay and fight or take off in flight?

Bynum should not be the one trying to explain what happened. And I don't blame him for not even trying.

Dumars does not like to speak much. He wasn't a big talker when he played for the Pistons. But there are some days when the public wants to know what is happening with this team.

Currently the Pistons are a team few care about. We don't know the direction of the team and we don't know where it is headed.

Maybe Dumars didn't want to sit up there and lie. Maybe he did not want to pull the trigger right now and didn't feel the need to talk. Sometimes you have to take the bullet for the boss.

The public deserves some answers.

You don't make major moves like this and hide.

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The Pistons fired coach Maurice Cheeks, left, on Sunday. Will GM Joe Dumars, right, be next? / Clarence Tabb Jr. / Detroit News
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