February 21, 2014 at 5:34 pm

Video: Actor Tim Allen cool to Jim Caldwell as Lions coach

Jim Caldwell's Lions offense will have to win over Tim Allen. (Daniel Mears / Detroit News)

Actor Tim Allen doesn’t seem too fired up about the Lions’ decision to hire Jim Caldwell as head coach.

The gossip website TMZ posted a video of Allen lamenting Caldwell’s performance as offensive coordinator of the Ravens last season.

“How well did Baltimore do with their offense this year?” Allen said. “Kinda sloppy, right?”

The Ravens ranked 25th in the NFL last season in scoring offense (20.0 points), 29th in total offense (307.4 yards), 18th in passing (224.4 yards) and 30th in rushing (83.0 yards).

The video was taken Thursday in Los Angeles.

Allen, a longtime Lions fan, added: “I hope he does well.”